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Yakima Hitch Adapters Review - 2021 Honda CR-V

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Review of the Yakima Hitch Adapters on a 2021 Honda CR-V

Hi everyone, it's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today, we're gonna be taking a look at the Yakima EXO system with the SwingBase hitch extender, which I have here as well as you DoubleUp bike rack and the ski and snowboard carrier, which is the Yakima EXO SnowBank. So first, we're gonna talk about how our bike rack fits. So here with the SwingBase, what we do have here is a weight capacity that changes depending on what kind of accessory you have on. So if you're not sure what weight capacity you have to work with, it does depend on whether you're using the bike rack, the cargo carrier, and the ski and snowboard carrier. As you can see, you can check those out here on our product pages at

So for the DoubleUp bike rack, this has a weight capacity of 50 pounds per bike, as it is here on our SwingBase. Now if you happen to have the TopShelf and you put it on there, it's gonna have a weight capacity of 40 pounds per bike then. So here, when we do have it on the SwingBase, I'm gonna take a look at how it fits with our vehicle. So with our Honda CR-V, we're gonna take some measurements, and I'm gonna measure from our rear bumper on our CR-V the end of the bike rack. So the bike rack sits at about 34 inches away from the end of our bumper.

And then while we're here, we might as well take some ground clearance measurements. So this is gonna be for the SwingBase itself. And that's gonna be 14 inches from the ground. This is also gonna depend on what kind of hitch you have on your CR-V. But the closest point to the ground for the SwingBase will be either by those arms further out or underneath the shank, it's gonna sit at 11 inches when it comes to ground clearance.

Okay, back to the bike rack. So we talked about weight capacity, which is 50 pounds per bike. Now it's just gonna work with your heavier bikes as well. So if you do happen to have an electric bike, that's gonna be okay as long as it's not extra heavy, above 50 pounds. Now over here, we can take a look at the way our bike is mounted.

So we have a carbon frame bike, and that's okay because we have a front wheel mount as well. So that's holding it down in the front and then we have a rear wheel strap in the back. So that strap can accommodate tire width of up to 4.8 inches. So if you happen to have a fat tire bike, that's okay as long as it's not the extra wide one, which is more than 4.8 inches wide. But when you wanna take your bike off, that's actually where you start. And you start by pressing the lever on that rear wheel strap and then pushing up on the strap or pulling up on the strap, whichever works for you. So just pull that up all the way out, and then try to leave it to the side as much as you can so it doesn't get caught up in your spokes, and then come over here to the front. Make sure to support your bike as you do so. With the way that DoubleUp is designed, you may need to reach around since your button is right over here. So press that button there on the front wheel mount, lift up onto that mount, and then push it out to the side. And then from here, you can then just lift your bike up, and you're ready to go on a bike ride. Right over there. And then when you do have your bike off and if you still wanna keep your DoubleUp on, please try to put those straps back into place. That way, they're not flopping around as you drive around. You also have this front wheel cradle, and this is just gonna pop back into its tab, and that's gonna stow that cradle. So you saw right over there that even if we have with those shorter bars, it was an okay fit. Now we do have a clearance from your hatch or your door to the center of the bike of 16 inches. So that's gonna help you out with your longer handlebars. That's gonna be the measurement you have to work with. Okay, so the main thing about this bike rack is that front wheel mount, which makes it easy to use with alternate frame bikes, like step-through bikes, women's bikes, children's bikes, because then you don't need that frame adapter. This is also gonna have cable locks. So that lock is gonna pop right into there. So make sure you have the matching lock cores with the rest of your EXO system if you want to lock this bike rack with a single key. Now with this covered, this is also made of a nice, lightweight steel construction, keeping it durable, although if you do scratch it up, please try to maintain that paint finish to enhance rust resistance. So we're gonna switch it out really quick, just to show off the SwingBase system. So we'll rotate, well actually, unlock these tabs. Then now they're in the unlocked position. Then we're gonna rotate these knobs until it releases from those cleats, release from the bike rack. Then you just lift that bike rack up and then set it to the side, ready to switch with our next accessory. So our next accessory is gonna be the Yakima EXO SnowBank, which is the ski and snowboard carrier, so that when you want to take your skis and snowboards out, you can switch it out. So between the seasons, when it starts getting colder when winter comes, you're ready with the next accessory. So that fits right into those tracks, and then tighten it down with these locking SpeedKnobs. And then lock it into place, so just keep tightening until you can press that tab. And if you do have the skis, just lack those knobs. All right, so now we have the SnowBank. So we'll take some quick measurements with it in the down position. So from our CR-V to the end of the SnowBank, it sits out at 40 inches. The closest point will still be the same 'cause that's the SwingBase. Now this can fit skis and snowboards. It does depend of course on the size of your ski or snowboard, but a tentative measurement is that can fit five pairs of skis or four snowboards. So this fits right into there. You have the double hinge if you have your larger bearings on your skis, they can fit over those thicker bearings. And you just pop this down and you can have kind of a ratcheting end too to secure your skis and your snowboards. You have that cushion as well on the SnowBank, which is gonna help out with that, as well as that large button. So even if you're carrying, you're wearing your gloves, you can still use this carrier. Okay, so with a ski and snowboard carrier, this is gonna fit on both your SwingBase and your TopShelf, whichever you want to use this with. It's a great way to switch out different accessories, just like how I switched out the bike rack for this carrier, you can do the same thing for the box as well as the basket. So let's talk about the SwingBase now. As for how the SwingBase will fit with our CR-V, we already took a look at the ground clearance. We also took a look at how it fits on our CR-V in terms of the height. So we'll also take a look at the measurement for closest point is gonna be 3 1/2 inches away from our bumper. So that's gonna help out with if you do need or if you do have larger items that stick out, especially for your bikes. Now if you do need some clearance there, you're gonna have 3 1/2 inches of clearance in order to hold this knob. What is this knob for This is the swing away, the SwingBase. So you're gonna rotate this knob right over there, and that's gonna release that SwingBase. And then to fully release it, you pull this knob, and then just swing it out. There we go. And then just slide that out a full 90 degrees until that knob latches in the corner. So as you see, it's completely swung out, and this will be done if you want to open up your hatch. So here, you have plenty of space to get into your hatch. Maybe grab your bags, grab your tables, grab your chairs, whatever you need for whichever adventure, whether you have the bike rack on or the ski and snowboard on or the cargo box on your SwingBase. So we'll just put this right back down. In terms of clearance right over here. So from our end of our vehicle, it's almost perfectly aligned. We have about four inches from the end of the vehicle to this corner right over here. So it does sit out a little bit towards the inside of your car, but it is still perfectly enough space in order to open our door. If you do have heavier items, make sure to put the jack that gives you some support right over here. And then when you wanna bring it back in, you just lift this knob, and you pull on this handle, and then just swing it back, and it slides up, and then you use this knob to tighten it back down. Now be very sure that you're tightening this down completely 'cause this is what's holding the entire SwingBase system together. So before you drive away, just double check this part. Okay. Now we'll talk about how the SwingBase fits into our hitch. This has a two-inch shank, and make sure you have enough weight capacity. I recommend a hitch receiver that has at least over 350 pounds in order to add or utilize the entire system. You have this anti-rattle bolt and this lock. Now that anti-rattle bolt also comes with a Yakima wrench to tighten that down. But I also recommend picking up a socket wrench, especially one that has either a 24-millimeter socket or an inch socket. That's what I use 'cause I use a ratchet wrench, and it's so much easier to tighten it down that way. So especially since this is a heavy system overall, you wanna make sure it is perfectly tightened down and that you're using the correct tools. Okay, with this down here, you can also see how you can still open your hatch with the SnowBank on. If you only have the SwingBase system on, you can do that as well. As for how it fits here with our Honda CR-V. I think we have pretty good clearance when it comes to how far away it is. With our TopShelf, you may be concerned about how close it gets to our Honda CR-V, but right where that mast is for the TopShelf, where that TopShelf is going to you, it's gonna stick up straight up from there. So you're gonna have about seven inches of clearance for when you want to upgrade to the TopShelf someday. So again, with the Yakima EXO system, it's all about how modular it is, it's about mixing and matching with different accessories. This was just a glimpse into how it fits for the Honda CR-V. We also have videos on all of our other pages about each accessory going into detail about each and every one of them. So I do recommend checking those out and considering how it's gonna work with a TopShelf, with a cargo basket, with a cargo box, and seeing them all work together. So that was a look at the Yakima EXO SwingBase system with the DoubleUp bike rack and the SnowBank ski and snowboard carrier here on our 2021 Honda CR-V. My name is Evangeline, and I hope you enjoyed the journey..

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