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Yakima HitchSki Hitch Mounted Bike Rack Snowboard and Ski Carrier Review

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Review of the Yakima HitchSki Hitch Mounted Bike Rack Snowboard and Ski Carrier

Evangeline: Hi, it's Evangeline from, and today we are looking at our Yakima HitchSki and snowboard carrier adapter for hitch mounted bike racks here at This carrier fits on your bike rack just like a bicycle. If you're not sure if your bike rack is compatible with this, just note that it needs four or more cradles, as well as the first and the fourth cradle needs to be around 17 and a quarter inches apart. You can check our description on the product page of this carrier for our latest list of the bike racks we find are super compatible with this. So some reasons you might want this carrier is maybe you're a multi-sport enthusiast. You already have a bike rack, and you want something that works with that bike rack for your bikes and your snowboards, or if you're entry level and you're just slowly gathering your equipment, or you only have a hitch and you need something that works with your car.I think this is a great option, and it's definitely a lot more affordable than getting a whole roof rack system just for carrying skis and snowboards.

At 29 pounds, this is actually pretty lightweight. I could put this over our rack easily. If you're curious about the dimensions, it is . For bar space, it is about 14 and a half inches from this here to here and as for height, which is what you might want to know if it fits your skis or your snowboards, the arms from the top of the top arm to the bottom of the bottom arm, it is 18 inches. So some skis and some snowboards may or may not fit in this carrier, but I hope this, as I mentioned, help you figure out if this is good for you.So the frame is a sturdy but lightweight metal with this nice powder finish, which is pretty nice.

It has these plastic knobs, so one thing about the knobs and the levers is there are other designs out there which have a button and they're easy to open, but this takes a little bit of turning, which might be something to consider, especially if you're carrying or wearing heavy gloves. It has these nice rubber linings on the inside of the arms, and you can see how it squishes around our equipment and protects them from those extra scratches and scuffs. As for the overall sturdiness of the carrier, I think it's pretty nice considering how lightweight and easy it was to install. Speaking of security, though, we have it on the Yakima long haul here, which has an integrated lock in the back, so that can be used to wind around our carrier and lock it in place to the bike rack. But if your bike rack does not have that, I recommend picking up an extra cable lock to do the same function.This also works with the same key lock system.

So if you have other Yakima accessories, you can switch out these locks to match those. With all our equipment loaded up, let's see how it looks on our test course. Here on our test course, we'll start by going through the slalom. This is going to show us the side to side action, which simulates turning corners or evasive maneuvers. Once we get to the alternating speed bumps, we'll see the twisting action.

This will simulate hitting a curb or a pothole or driving over uneven pavement. Now, lastly, we're going over some full speed bumps, and we can see here the up and down action, and this will just be like driving in and out of a parking lot garage or a driveway.So for install, this installs just like you would put a bike on your hanging rack. So ideally this works with 17 and a quarter length cradles. So from here to here, if it measures 17 and a quarter on any of your hanging style racks, that's perfect. On our Yakima long haul here, it measures 16 and three fourths inches, and you can see it still fits very well. Once you have them on there, you can then strap them down. This bike rack use zip strips, which it just ratchets down on to the carrier. So we'll put these in. I honestly, it's just a personal preference, I like to put them on alternatingly. So one side, then other, but it's really up to you, as long as you strap it down. So some of your bike racks will have these anti-sway cradles. So if you have them and if they fit in terms of strapping it down, I recommend doing so. If they don't fit, it's fine. As long as you're sure it's secure at the top, then you're good to go.When you have it fully installed, you can then mount your equipment. So I like to start with loosening this bottom. So if you turn the knob, it loosens it up. Then when that's loose, you can unlock this top, pull it out, and then you can pull out this arm. From there, you can then insert your skis. So you just push them through. If it's not loose enough, then you keep turning that knob until you have enough space to push it through. When putting your skis in there, I'm sure yours look different because they come in all shapes and sizes. We have these back to back and these side by side. You can technically put a six pairs in here, but I found it works best with two pairs per side, and they do get some wear and tear when you use them so if you're up to putting them through like this over the bindings, that's fine. Whatever works best for you.When you have your skis in place, just tighten down this bottom bar, make sure not to over-tighten it, but just find that best fit. Then you can move this top arm over your skis and you might have to really push it in so that you can fit the knob over. Then I like to just tighten it up a little bit while it's up here before I turn it over and lock into place.There we go. You can do the same thing for snowboards. Just pop that in on the bottom. I like to hold it up with my knee. I found that helps a lot. Find that spot for in between the bindings for your arms, tighten down that bottom arm as well. There we go. That looks like a good fit. From here, I personally really like how it works with snowboards a lot more than how it works with skis. It's just so easy to mount and it's designed so effortlessly. All right, let's lock that down. Rotate, rotate. That looks like a good fit. Make sure it's unlocked so that you can lock it. There you go. We're done.So my final thoughts about this carrier is it's actually a pretty creative option compared to your traditional option of having your skis and snowboards on your roof. So I think this would really work well, especially if you only have a hitch, you don't want or need a roof rack, and it's a great way to recycle your bike rack, as they say. So one thing about it, though, is the capacity. I really think it works best with a max of two pairs of skis or two snowboards on each side, but really depends on the size of your skis and snowboards.So with that being said, it is an affordable option because this, paired with a bike rack, can still be a lot less than an entire roof rack system. But even so, since it's a nice Yakima brand, it feels nice and sturdy and reliable. I'm pretty sure it will take your skis and your snowboards safely to the snow. One cool option is that you can get both the bike rack and this in one shot and it's kind of an evergreen option, especially since you can use it for biking, you can use it for your snowboards, your skis, and I think that's the best bang for your buck.But that was a look at the Yakima HitchSki and snowboard carrier adapter for hitch mounted bike racks here at

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