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Yakima OnRamp E-Bike Platform Rack with Ramp Review

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Review of the Yakima OnRamp E-Bike Platform Rack with Ramp

What's up everybody It's AJ with Today we will be checking out the Yakima OnRamp, It's going to be a two bike platform style bike rack. It's gonna to hold the bikes here by the frame. And, it's gonna have a ramp that comes attached to it, so you can get those heavy E bikes, right up there with that ramp, and then it's on very easily. Lets check it out. So this is called the on ramp. I want to show you the ramp portion of the bike rack.

Just come down here. There's just a hand knob that you loosen, and you can remove the ramp. I like that it's stored on the bike rack itself, so you don't have to put it in the back of the car and find another storage place for it cause that'd be kind of a pain. It's all right there ready to go whenever you need it, and then you got the hooks on top, right here. and those are gonna hook in to the sides of the trays, you see up here on every side of these, there's one.

Just gonna put it up here with our E bike. So when it goes in there, you kind of tilt it up, you can kind of see that it has a groove, so the hooks go up like that. So we'll put that into place. And as you bring this down, the hooks go up and hook in there. So now I can't pull the ramp out.

I can hit it back and forth. It's not going to pop out of place. That's something that I'd be worried about on this bike rack, just you know, you've already got the E bike and you're rolling up there, you don't want anybody to accidentally kick it, or if you kick it, it's gonna fall out and you have all that weight all of a sudden, it's not gonna have that. I can kick this around, It stays in place, and again, it has the same slots on the other side. So maybe you're closer to a wall on this side, you can't use this side of it.

You can go and use the other side to get the bike on or off of the rack. So let's now use it. Come over here, undo the straps. On the wheels. And come up here, hit this one, as well. out of the way. Now last thing about this, turning, I can easily turn it out of the way. So now I don't have to dodge that when I'm taking this E bike on or off, and then just gonna walk her down the ramp. I suggest grabbing the handlebars, and one hand here behind the seat, to just roll it on down, and off the rack. Now I'm about to hit the wall right here. So not going to go completely off there, but I can easily just walk her right back up to if you are bringing back up. That one's gonna require a little bit of pushing here, behind the seat. That's not big deal. It's not that heavy, rolls right up. And it's far easier than lifting the whole E-bike up and setting it into place. You do have a few different options out there, when it comes to bike racks, with ramps included. The Thule EasyFold comes to mind, and that one also has a ramp that folds up and stores inside the bike rack. That's nice and all, but I didn't like that when we used it, I just didn't like that it folded, which kind of makes it not one solid piece. I like this one because it is one solid piece. You can see there's no twisting or movements so there's no folds or any areas we're removed. So it stays put when you're running that E bike up it to get it onto the rack. So I really like this one, over that one. Plus another thing is, this one is going to be fifty-two inches long. And the one that comes with the easy fold is only thirty-six inches. So they also make an extension, you have to buy after that, if you want it to be longer than that. But once you get the extension, it doesn't store on the bike rack anymore. So then you're gonna have to fold that up and put that in the back of the car. And that kind of just defeats the whole purpose of getting the bike rack with a ramp, if you have to get an extension anyway, I would rather go with this one where I know it's going to be long enough to use my E bike with. Take a closer look on how it holds the bikes in place. One part of that is going to be these cradles, that can spin 360 degrees with the strap around here and the padding's not going to hurt the frame at all, and then they got the hand knob here, so you can move it up and down the mast too. So there's a lot of adjustability. This is probably the better example here on the backside of the rack is the E bike. That's what you're looking at this for anyway, to carry your E bike, you know, the frames are all alternative style, so they're all a little bit different. So if you had a downward hook on like most platform style bike racks it wouldn't work properly. You wouldn't be able to get it down there and get a nice hold on it like this one has. So the fact that this can spin around and you can move it up and down, it can adjust all the ways to attach to your E bike and make sure it stays in place. The other part of that, is gonna be these straps at the bottom. They're at a 45 degree angle and they pull inward, which pull those tires as opposite forces to keep it all in place and not moving anywhere, you see, I can shake this whole thing back and forth I'm shaking the rack, but the bike isn't moving at all, and that's what the important part is to make sure they stay put while you're driving down the road. The other thing I think is worth mentioning is because it holds it by the frame here in the middle, instead of a wheel hook that come down, there are a platform style racks that have that wheel hooked, that hold it in place, which are really nice. But if you're looking at this for the E bikes, a lot of those E bikes have fenders on there, so you'd have to remove that to get that to work. And sometimes it's just hard to remove those. And you don't want to have to do that. I think holding it by the frame just eliminates that. So then the fender or no fender, not a problem. Another feature that the on-ramp has is that it can tilt away with bikes loaded on there. Just remember if you have two E bikes or even one E bike and this mountain bike, it's going to be a little heavy. So just be prepared for that when you go to tilt it down. So, when you come down here, and we've got two pins we have to pull, so there will be one on each side. This is just the pin we pull first it doesn't start to lower. So you don't have to worry about that. Now it is a little awkward to get under there, and pull that pin because you kind of have to be here at the end, to get ready to hold this to lower it down but, or reach in there, and just pop that pin out. And then on the other side, there is gonna be a pinch pen that you pinch and pull out and then it's going to start to lower from there. with the rack full and we added the on-ramp on today there's enough room for me to be in between the bike rack, and the vehicle. So I'm going to stay here, pull the pin and hold on to the mast and lower from here. Just easier than trying to reach around from over here, through everything to get that and grab onto it and lower it safely. You just want to make sure you do it right. If you have a second set of hands, you might have them pull the pin and you can stand back there and lower it yourself, But I'm going to try and do it myself. Cause I'm going to have, one hand here on the mast and down to this pinch pin. So you still got to pull up just a little bit, to pull that pin out, and now it's ready to get lowered down. So now it's lowered, out of the way, I can pop open the back hatch. And get access to whatever I forgot to put in there or whatever I want to get out of there without having to remove both bikes. Then, and come around here, same thing, use the mast, just push on the place, that snap pin is going to go right in. And now I can replace that other pin. Now I am gonna take her for a drive in the parking lot, just to keep an eye on it. So I'm looking in the rear view mirror watching it while we go over these speed bumps. Let's see how it handles. looks like there's a little movement back and forth. That's pretty normal with bike racks. They are going to move a little bit. The important thing is that the bikes aren't moving themself and it looks like they're staying just fine, the cradles are holding them in place. There's no shake or movement there on the frame, That I can see back here. Just a little side to side. We're just fine. That's just the way to the bikes are going to do that. All right, so now we're in the portion of the parking lot, and I speed up just a little bit, and kind of listen and see if I can, hear anything back there when I turn, doesn't seem like it's making any noise. I can't feel any difference when I'm turning or anything, with that back there. Again, the bike rack does move back and forth just a little bit, but the bikes aren't going anywhere. So that's, that's what I'm worried about. Now we're going to get up to the portion of the parking lot to where I can speed up a little bit, and do some aggressive turns. See how it handles that. I am gonna speed up now, and turn. It didn't move all that much. The bike stayed in place. So that's good. Back from our trip around the parking lot, performed pretty well, like I said, the main thing was making sure those bikes stay in place. They weren't shifting back and forth. There was a little movement with the bike rack back and forth but that's going to happen with most of them. It's just something that happens when you have that weight on here and you hit those bumps. Otherwise worked really well. Now that brings up weight capacity on these bike racks. So the weight capacity on this, one's gonna be 66 pounds. That's when you're using it on a vehicle like this. So, it's going to be able to handle two E bikes no problem. But, one of the cool things is this bike rack can be used on a bunch of different vehicles. You can use on a fifth wheel, a motor home, a travel trailer and you can use it off road or even on a flat towed vehicle. But the thing with that is it's going to drop that weight capacity down to 40 pounds per bike. If you want to use this bike rack to carry two E bikes, in one of those situations where the weight capacity would drop, you have an option out there. Would be the Hollywood Racks RV Rider. That one's weight capacity is 80 pounds and it covers all those things, all those vehicles that will fit on those except for the travel trailer. So just keep that in mind, that is an option. Another thing though, is loading it's going to be harder because that one doesn't come with a ramp. So you lose that ease of just rolling the E bike up the ramp. You have to lift it up and put it into place. Looking at the tray, it can accommodate wheel bases up to 50 inches. And then if you look into the wheel cradle here it can fit tires up to three and a quarter inches. Now you can also put a fat tire bike on here, but it's going to sit on top of the cradle. So it's not going to fit in there. And you're going to have to get a add-on which changes the strap to make it longer to accommodate that fat tire bike. Now underneath, I just want to show, that the tray can slide back and forth. Now how you do that is, you can do these knobs first, and that's going to move the tray itself. So these both loosened up by hand, I can shift it back and forth. So that's going to help you if you have two bikes that around the same size and height, and like maybe the handlebars run into the seat, you can just adjust a little bit, and that way that problem isn't going to be there anymore. And when you're done, getting set, you can tighten it down. Both hand down to the bottom. I like it, that you don't have to have a tool for that part. To get them back in place. Now you will need a tool to move the wheel straps. So you can do that, by coming down here, you got a 10 millimeter socket. What we gonna do is, loosen up that nut at the bottom. So now it's loose and this can be moved back and forth to help with those wheel bases. The cradles are able to adjust as well. So what we can do, is actually move it like we did here. You see how this one has two holes. They both do. We move this one to the innermost hole, which gave us a little bit more space. And this one is in the original position. I'll just go ahead and show you how easy it is, with a Phillips head screwdriver. Just back this screw out. And then, you gonna slide the tray back into position, line up that hole and replace it. And that's how you can adjust the cradles to get a little bit more room on these trays. Now, since it is a bike rack, you got your hitch. It's going to stick out a little bit from the back of your vehicle. Let's see how much, so, I'm gonna go from the center of the hitch pin, to the end of the rack, and see how much space it adds. Center of the hitch pin right there, we got right here at the end is going to be 32 inches. And then we can do that same measurement, I got to move positions over real quick, and we'll see how close it gets, to your vehicle as well. Center of the hitch pin to the closest point, looks to be about 9 inches right there. Now we're going to eliminate some of that space, It takes up by folding it up towards the vehicle. So we're gonna come down here to the hand knob, pull that out, and then, you can fold down the center mast. This is going to snap back into place and stop it, just like that. You see it's nice and sturdy. Come up to the front, pull that same pin, that we did, to tilt it away, on both sides. And we can just fold it up. Same thing that pin is going to snap into place, keeping it right there. And then we will place our pin on this side. Then we'll get some new measurements. Let's see how much less space it takes up. So from the center of the hitch pin to the end of the bike rack, it's going to be about 15 and a half inches. And then the closest point it looks like it's going to be, center the hitch pin to the closest point, going to be about seven and a half inches. So that's just something to keep in mind. Now it does move a little bit back and forth right there, but it doesn't even come close to making contact with your vehicle. Something else you always want to keep in mind, is ground clearance. So what we did was, we measured from the ground, to the bottom of the shank here. And then we measured from the ground to the bottom, the bike rack here, and then subtracted those. And we found out that we had eight inches of rise on this bike rack. So you can do the same thing. You go to your hitch on your vehicle. You just measure out eight inches and that's where it's going to be. Looking down at the hitch, you can see we have it in two inch by two inch hitch. Now this also comes in a, inch and a quarter version of the on-ramps. So just keep that in mind, if that's what you're looking for, that is an option. You've got the anti-rattle bolt that goes in here and that's what secures the rack to the hitch. And you can see, I can shake it back and forth. I'm shaking the whole vehicle. There's no movement here in the hitch whatsoever. So there's no shaking or anything. And that's really nice to know, when you're going down the road with those bikes on there. Now there is an, also, a hitch lock. You can buy separately, they'll go on this end and they'll lock it up. Just that way, the rack is secured to your hitch and you don't have to worry about anybody messing with it while you're not around and you can also get a matching lock core for it, and the included cable lock, that way you're going to use one key to lock up your bikes and your bike rack to the hitch. Another recommendation I would give is the etrailer hitch alignment tool. So it's going to go around here, like a collar on the shank of the bike rack. And you'll get that set up the first time, line of that hitch pin hole. And then you'll tighten that around the shank, so then, that collar always be right here. So when you go to put this in your hitch, it will hit there and line up that hitch pin hole at the same time. The first try every single time really saves on, you know, looking to the side as you're trying to line up that hole when you're going to put this in there, that can be kind of a pain, just get annoying. That eliminates that and makes it really easy. And it also prevents cross hitting too. So, it really is a big help overall. Overall I really like the Yakima OnRamp. It's a good bike rack. It can't get any easier to install your E bikes onto the rack. Just roll them up that ramp. The center of mast was really easy, everything that attaches worked really well. Everything works like it's supposed to. I really liked that. The only thing that I didn't really like was, the knob system here. It is a little hard to get to it when you had two bikes loaded on there, but we found a workaround. I can just kind of come from the side and use the center mast to lower it. That made it way easier. Not that big a deal. And the overall bigger picture is it fits so many different vehicles that fits everything. So you can get most of your bikes wherever you want to take them. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out. And I hope this helps..

Questions and Comments about this Video

Great vid, very thorough. Thanks. Only question I have, and it seems particularly important considering the direction recently taken by some ebikes (Specialized Turbo Comos, for instance,) is how versatile is it with low, step-through frames? The Como has no top tube at all, but consequently it has a very thick down tube. Does the mast system have a place to grasp, and indeed, the ability to do so?
Etrailer Expert
Reply from David B.

The cradle on the mast can rotate 360° and move up and down so as long as the down tube isn't sooooo thick it can't grab it you will be fine. If that is a problem use the Swagman Bike Frame Adapter Bar for Electric, Step Through, and Cruiser Bikes # S57FR . This will simply add a crossbar so you can attach it to a bike rack.

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