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Yakima OnRamp Electric Bike Rack Review

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Review of the Yakima OnRamp Electric Bike Rack

AJ: What's up everybody, it's AJ with Today, we're going to be checking out the Yakima OnRamp for 1-1/4" Hitches. It's a great way to transport your e-bikes wherever you need them to go.And it's easy. You see how I used the built-in ramp already It's way easier than just lifting up the e-bike, set it in place. The ramp will move to the other one too. So when you load your second bike, you can also use the ramp.It holds on to the frame up here and you can loosen it and move it all around.

It's customizable so if you have any kind of frame, this'll fit it. It can spin, you can see that. It'll go towards whatever part of the frame you want to attach it to and holds it nice and tight. Then down here at the bottom, the wheels strap in, which is good because a lot of e-bikes have fenders. So if yours has fenders and you've been looking for a bike rack that doesn't interfere with them, because some of them will attach to the top.

And when you go to tie them down, they can't go around the fender or underneath the fender, it's just bad, it's going to damage your fender. So this one's going to be out of the way, nothing's down here to bother. So we'll leave that in there, go to the front one. Run it through, tighten it down, your bike is secure. All these things work together to make this bike rack really good for e-bikes, make it super easy to transport them.

Let's check it out.Before I continue talking about the bike rack, let's talk about the ramp though. Since it is the OnRamp so it's an important piece of this bike rack. Black powder coated steel just like the rest of the bike rack so it's going to hold up into the elements if you leave it out. It doesn't seem fragile, it's all one solid piece and I like that. Comparing it to the EasyFold.

Thule makes a bike rack that has a ramp too. That one kind of folds in on itself in three sections, which is cool that it gets nice and compact, but it kind of loses some of that sturdiness that this one has. And it's all one solid piece. It's easier when you run that e-bike up there. It doesn't shake as much in like different sections as you go up the ramp. I just liked this one overall better because it's a nice solid piece of metal.Now the other thing I'd want to know too is how well it does actually attach. You have these two tabs here that come up a little bit that you kind of just tilt it, put them in there and put it back down. So it's easy to install on any of the sides you need it to be there. And then I want to show you. Me moving around here at the base, just to show you that it doesn't pop right back out because I'd be worried about that myself and like, well, if I slightly kicked the ramp, is it just going to fall on the ground Is it going to cause problems when I get an e-bike No, looks like I can move it quite a bit and you can see it's not popping out on its own. So I like that. That gives me a little more peace of mind that it's going to stay on there just in case things go wrong. When you're going up the ramp, it's going to stay right there in place. You actually have to tilt it all the way back up to pull it back out.Another thing is it stores on the bike rack itself. So you don't have to worry about finding a place for this in your vehicle, because I wouldn't want to have to try and find a way to wedge this in the trunk or the back seat and get in the way. So it comes right back here to this knob. Hopefully you guys can see it. You just unscrew that. There's a hole in the middle of the ramp that you drop down through the bolt and then put this back on top. And now your ramp's put away, out of the way and you can go to your adventure.Now I said it was customizable. You can move this up and down the center mass so that's going to accommodate a bunch of different bike frames. So even if you're not using an e-bike to carry on the second one, this will adjust to even a kid's bike. It can come down there and hold it. And if it's an e-bike and you need to move it so that the handlebars don't touch and the seat don't touch, there's some other things you can do, like shift this tray. You can't see it by just looking at it, but underneath not only can you adjust the tray back and forth, but you can move where the strap locations are.So if you want to move the tray, you can just undo the knob down here on both sides and it'll shift from side to side. So like I said, if the handlebars come too close to the seat on your other bike and you need to shift it up just a little bit to make sure it clears it, you can do that and then you just tighten it down wherever you want to keep it. And that you don't need a tool for. I think that's great. That way if we need to adjust it on the fly, you can.Now, you need a tool for the next part. And that's just to loosen up this bracket that has the wheel strap on it. Once you do that, now you can slide that and put it where you need it on whatever kind of bike. So again, if you're not maybe, not doing another e-bike, maybe it's a kid's bike, you want to bring these in a little bit more because it doesn't have as wide a frame, and you can adjust it to get it to fit. So I really like how it accommodates a bunch of different bikes and you can fix it yourself if you need to.Looking a little closer at the wheel straps, they accommodate wheels up to three and a quarter inches wide. Now you can upgrade that if you're planning on taking a fat tire bike. There is a kit where you can order longer straps that'll accommodate those tires instead.Something to keep in mind is that it does fit hitches of 1-1/4", but it has to be a Class II 1-1/4" because even when you just have this thing fully loaded with two bikes, let's say it's going to be 66 pounds for each bike, then fully loaded with the weight of the rack, it's going to be about 171 pounds. So make sure you check your tongue rating on your hitch and make sure it can handle that fully loaded.We've gone over the features and see how it works. Let's see how it performs. So I'm going to take it out in the parking lot and see how it does.All right. We're driving around the parking lot right now. I'm going over some speed bumps just to see. There's a little movement back and forth on the bike rack, but that's standard for driving around with, you know, a heavy e-bike on the back. It's a platform style so that really helps hold it in place a little bit better at the base of the wheels and the frame. So a little shaking is no big deal. We're going to get over to the bigger part of the parking lot and kind of do some quick left-and-rights and see how it handles that.It moved just a little bit but not much at all. I'm kind of impressed with that. The side to side movement wasn't really there. I think the anti-rattle bolt really helps keep that bike rack nice and steady. And then with the straps coming down at the angles on the tires, it probably helps it from rocking back and forth. So looks like it's handled it pretty good.I'd say that went pretty well out in the parking lot. Back in here though, there's a few more features that we want to go over. There is a tilting feature for this bike rack. And I recommend if it's got two bikes on there, get a second set of hands. But since we only have one e-bike on there, I'm just going to do it myself.You have two pins up here. Down here, sorry. Now it is kind of weird to reach and get them, but this one just pops out and the other one pulls, but it doesn't fully come out. So that's kind of nice. You don't have to worry about trying to get that pin back in there when you lift it back up, it'll lift and snap back in place. But I'll pull this one out. You got to kind of pinch it together and then pull it out. And it doesn't hurt to lift up a little bit on the bike rack because then it kind of releases it and then you can lower it down. Now I suggest always grabbing the center mass. Do not grab the bike to lower it. You just let it down there and it'll stop itself even with two bikes. And now you can access the truck.So that's definitely handy if you have it fully loaded and you forgot to throw something in the trunk when you go to leave. Or even when you're unpacking stuff, you want to grab something, you've loaded the bikes, you can get back there by tilting this away. Now this is going to be. The pin I told you snaps into place, when you lifted up to a certain part. You can kind of hear it snap into place. And there you go. Now you'll replace the other pin on the other side and it's good.Another thing it comes with is this nice cable lock. So I ran it through the frame of the bike here, around the bottom of the bike rack and it actually locks on to that anti-rattle hitch pin there at the hitch so that's going to help keep it secure. Let's say, if you leave it unattended, if you need to go run in the gas station or you just leave it parked and you're not quite ready to use your e-bike, you're going to walk around at the park or something, you can leave it on there and not worry about anybody messing with it.Now, we're going to go ahead and take the bike back off so we can get some measurements. Something I want to point out is make sure you, when you go to take it off, always do the tires down here first and leave the frame connected. That way it doesn't fall back into your vehicle if you do the tires first. With those undone and go between the vehicle and the bike and undo this last strap. Push the cradle to the side and now we just walk the bike back down the ramp.With the bikes removed, we can get some measurements. We're going to go tray to tray, center to center. It's about 12 inches apart so that's how much you have when you add two bikes on here. Now, remember that the cradles are going to push the bike out a little bit and almost tilt it very slightly away from each other. So you get a little bit more space there. And if you're still having problems with the handlebars and seats, you can adjust the trays and slide them. That way everything fits in there nice and neat.Let's go and get the measurement of how long the tray is. Looks like it's going to come out to 52 inches exactly so that's how much you have to work with when you're loading your bike up there.Speaking of that, the ramp we talked about earlier, that's going to be 51 inches and that's good because having a longer ramp is less of an incline. If it was a shorter ramp, you'd have way more to push that bike up and those e-bikes, aren't easy to do that. It's nice that the ramp is so long. It just takes easier. you can just kind of keep one hand on the handlebars and another one right behind the seat. It doesn't take much just to push it up there and get it right into place.Something else to think about is ground clearance. So I can't exactly give you what it's going to be on yours because every vehicle is different, every hitch sits differently underneath your vehicle, but I can tell you that it adds eight inches to where your hitch pin is. So if you measure from the ground to your hitch pin on your vehicle, add eight inches is when it comes to out here, which is going to be fine. Again, that's for better clearance when you're going up driveways or steep hills, that way it doesn't scrape on there. And you're going to have the heavy e-bikes on there so you want a little bit more than normal. I think that's going to be fine, it's going to keep you out of trouble.Last but not least, another feature this bike rack has is it can fold up to the back of your vehicle. Now, today, unfortunately it doesn't work with this vehicle and that might happen to you too. That bumper is too close to the bike rack. So you kind of half fold it up. You can't fully fold it into place. Now that does kind of take away one feature, but it's up to you how important that feature is. It's kind of a trade-off because there's not a lot of these platform style bike racks that can handle an e-bike for an inch and quarter hitch Class II. So I mean, it still works just fine, you just can't fold it up. So you can still pull it out, fold it up and store it in your garage, you just can't do it on your vehicle.I can show you how you would do it though. You can pull down this center mass. It stays in place and you pull those same pins you pulled earlier to tilt it, but you'll do it to fold it up this time. You can see how nicely it does fold up, but it makes contact with this bumper before this can snap into place and keep it up here.Now, since we couldn't give you the measurements on the vehicle we're using, we brought in here and put it on a stand so I could measure out from the hitch pin and give you some details. So first with it folded out, I'll go from the center hitch pin to the furthermost point out here, looks like it comes out 31 inches and the closest it will come to that hitch pin on your vehicle looks to be about 10 and a half inches. So now let's fold it up and do that again. Now it looks like, from that hitch pin, the middle of the hitch pin out to the end, 15 inches. And then the closest part is actually, looks like it's going to be here. We'll go from the hitch pin to there and kind of eyeball it but looks like it's about five inches. So that's what you're working with on your hitch.Overall, I think the OnRamp is a pretty complete bike rack. There's not much else that I'd want to add onto it to help you out. The only thing I can think of that pops in my head is a hitch aligner because with the hitch so far underneath the vehicle and back there, it's kind of hard when you're loading the bike up to see that hitch pin, and try and get that aligned to put that pin in there. So you get a hitch aligner, and we have one on our website.It goes around like a collar around the bike rack and you get it where it's supposed to be the first time, you set that collar, tighten it down. Then every time you can just put the bike rack in, slide in, that collar will hit against the end of the hitch and you don't have to look anymore. So you can just put in, stops. Look, it's lined up perfectly. You add the bolt and you're good. It just makes it easier to go ahead and load up there and get going. That way you can get back out to ride.I think that does it for the OnRamp. Thanks for hanging out and I hope this helped.

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