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Yakima Outdoorsman 300 Ladder Rack Review

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Review of the Yakima Outdoorsman 300 Ladder Rack

Hi everyone, Adam with Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Yakima Outdoorsman 300 Ladder Rack System.So this is going to be a great way to get the ladders out of the bed of your truck. Also, you can throw a couple of kayaks or canoes on top of here. And with a 300 pound weight capacity, we are going to be able to get up to six bikes as well. The cool thing about this ladder rack system is we can still use the whole entire contents of our bed, so we're literally doubling the capacity of this pickup.As you can see here, our whole entire bed of our truck is ready to be loaded up with whatever we need. You can put all your coolers down here and put all your kayaks, or bikes, or whatever it may be up top.

It's going to be ideal because there's not going to be any clutter in the cab of your truck, so that's going to keep your passengers nice and happy.So our brackets here are going to stretch about 16 inches along your bed and it is going to sit up about 29 inches, so that's going to clear the cab of your truck. You shouldn't have any issues loading anything up there. So for some of your longer loads, a lot of our customers have been showing us that they are grabbing a Yakima Roof Rack System for their truck as well, so they can extend those longer loads onto your roof and spread all that weight out evenly between those three different bars. If you have a multiple person kayak, or canoe, or just a longer ladder, you definitely would probably benefit from grabbing a Yakima Roof Rack. We do sell them at, so if that's something you want, we have it for you.So the Outdoorsman does not really lead the group of ladder racks when it comes to weight capacity.

It's only 300 pounds. So if that's something that concerns you, we do carry some other ladder rack systems that will be able to carry five, maybe even 800 pounds.So Yakima does offer three different sizes for this Outdoorsman Ladder Rack System, these crossbars that you're seeing here are the 78-inch bars, but they also offer some 58 and 66-inch bars as well. And all those three sizes are going to be the same diameter round bar as you see here, so they're going to take and accept all the different types of accessories that clamp on to those round bars.So when strapping down whatever we may be loading on our Rack System, we can utilize these bars to hold whatever we have on and make sure it's not going to go anywhere and move away from the bars. I utilize both the crossbars here and the hooks inside our bed because we still have all the capacity inside our bed to do so.So safety is a big concern here at, so if you don't have the proper straps to secure your loads down properly, definitely go on We have plenty of straps to choose from.So this system does think about your truck as well, it comes with some protective stickers that go on the underneath of these brackets so it's not going to scratch the rails of the bed of your truck.

It is a no-drill install, which is always a plus and it's really easy. So let's just go ahead and do it together.So fresh out of the box, we're going to have all the goodies. We have some strips just to protect our truck bed, we have our anchor bolts to secure our two brackets that come in this box as well to the cab of our truck. So once you get all that removed, you can lay it all out nice like.First thing's first, we are going to put our protective strips on the bottom of our brackets. And notice that there is a difference in size.

And this upright one here is going to be the thicker one so I'm going to start there. Peel this back and do your best to get it centered up. Make sure it sits nice and flush. Do the same with the bottom. And once we're done here, you can repeat that same exact process for our other bracket.So we're going to go ahead and place it on our rails. And we do want to check underneath here and make sure there's no plastic tabs or anything. We don't have a drop-in bed liner so we shouldn't have any issues getting our hooks into place. I do suggest putting this bracket on our hook first and push it up through our hole here. Once we get that in place, what we're going to do is we're going to grab a washer and a nylon lock nut, get that on there. And I do suggest if you're doing this by yourself, as you can see this is going to fall off, so hold it like so and grab a power tool if you have it. And I am using a three quarter inch socket, deep socket, just so when we twerk this down we're going to have a little bit sticking out here. You want to get it to the point where it is going to stay up by itself and then I would suggest doing the rest with a ratchet.And one thing you do need to make sure is that you need to eliminate most of that gap, if not all of it, and just make sure it's sitting up against this edge here as flush as can be. And all we really need to do after that, we do have a little rubber cap that we'll just put on there just to take that sharp edge off. It doesn't scratch anything.So we do want to make sure when we line these up evenly, and what I just did is I just found a good reference point on our bed. In this instance, it was those three holes. So I'm going to line those up on this side and it's going to be the same exact steps to get it installed.Now what we need to do is take our bars. In this instance, we are using these 78-inch bars. And you do need to loosen these two bolts up here, but the tool does come with your kit. Loosen those up, put it through one and then put it through the other. Let me get it nice and even on both sides. It wouldn't hurt to bring a tape measure out here and make sure it's perfect. But once you get it set, then you can go ahead and tighten that back down. Take our caps that come with our brackets and put them on.So once we have both sets installed, we can go ahead and load up a ladder, put a couple of attachments on there. Maybe you're carrying a kayak canoe or maybe a bike rack, whatever it may be, you can load it up once everything's nice and secured into place.Well everyone, thanks for tuning in and taking a look at the Yakima Outdoorsman 300 Ladder Rack System.

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