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Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer Review

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Review of the Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer

Today we'll be taking a look at the Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer, 66 inch, part number Y08106. This is also available with 78 in chapter cross bars for part number Y08107. The premium lightweight sports trailer is the perfect way to haul your bikes, water sport racks, cargo baskets, or cargo boxes using the integrated adjustable 66 inches crossbars as anchor points. The pull behind roof rack hauls 250 pounds. It conveniently stores in your garage. Today on our Yakima Rack and Roll, we have a kayak and a kayak carrier, our bike and our cargo box all loaded up. The trailer itself has a 250 pound capacity.

You can pick and choose a combination of Yakima accessories and gear to load on your Yakima trailer. One of the greater features about the Yakima Rack and Roll is that it has a lower loading height, so no more lifting gear over your head onto your vehicle. The frame is made from a lightweight aluminum. It's going to be very easy to store and maneuver around. The locking system is also going to help deter theft. This is a premium trailer.

It has automotive grade finish and custom cast alloy wheels. With the trailer unloaded, we're going to you through some more features and specifications. Here at the front, you're going to notice that we have a coupler with a trigger latch system. That's going to allow us to engage or disconnect from our 2 inch hitch ball. It's also got a little hole right here. That way we can install a coupler pin or a coupler lock.

You can find those on our website. They're going to be sold separately. It's going to use a standard four pull flat adapter to connect to your tow vehicle. The coupler is going to measure off the ground about 19 inches from the ground to the bottom of our coupler. Our coupler's going to feature a 2 inch wide coupler tongue. We're also going to have a safety chain hook up.

That way we can hook it to our vehicle to ensure that if we we're to become disconnected from the tow vehicle, this is going to come into play. It's going to keep the trailer close by, until we have time to stop and fix the issue. It's also got a nice carrying handle. That way we can disconnect the trailer and then we can have more functions and maneuver it to where we need to go. We got the extended tongue here. It's going to allow a lot of distance between the actual trailer and the back of our tow vehicle. It's also going to feature a safety lock system. There's a little groove in the tongue that the safety lock system engages. We stick the key in, move to an unlock position. It's going to allow us to open up that lever. In that case, we'd be able to slide the tongue back into the trailer. We'll show you that a little bit later, when we move it to a stored position. Coming back here, at the back of the tongue, we have another four pull that's going to come out. This is going to connect to the light assembly on our trailer. All the wires are ran inside the tongue of the trailer. They're going to be hidden, except for the connection points. Those are all going to be exposed. This trailer's going to feature two 66 inch cross bars. These are adjustable simply by loosening up the bolts and the nuts. Then you can slide them in the channel to whatever distance that you need to haul your accessories. Up here, we're going to have the lights, two lights up here; marker lights, side marker lights. We have a nice fender that's going to protect the wheel. It's also going to protect the gear that we're hauling from anything, road debris flying up and hitting our gear. We got two lights; here on the fender, one on the side. We got one on the rear. Down here on our tire, it has a nice five spoke design. This hub can easily be removed. That way if you ever need to change your tire or put a spare on there, you can easily gain access to the hardware that you need to take off to remove the tire from its current location. The tire size is going to be 3.25-1655P. It is a nylon grade tire, has a nice tread design. It is going to provide good traction in wet and dry conditions. You can also see on this side that we have shocks. Those are going to absorb that different bumps. Let's say if we hit a pothole with our gear loaded, it's going to take any of that cushion out from damaging our gear. Also, here at the rear, want to show you this last thing. We have a license plate holder and a license plate light. The license plate light is faced the right direction. It's intended to shine back towards the license plate variety. That way it will illuminate a license plate so it can easily be read. One of the great features about the Yakima Rack and Roll is its ability to be moved a stored position. A few little steps that we need to do before we can move it to a stored position. We need to open up our lever, remove our safety pin. Then we need to undo our four way connection. Now, we can take the extended part of our trailer, slide it into the slot. Then, we can move it up against our wall and push it up into a stored position. Now, with it in this position, it has wheels here on the bottom. That's going to allow us to gain access to lateral movement. That way, we can still have maneuverability of the trailer, even with it in a stored position. You can also use the cross bar system to easily hang this up on your wall as well. Now, we're going to unhook our trailer, show you how easy this handle can be used. With our trailer fully weighed down, we have full access to maneuver it anyway that we need to. The handle also comes into play for an easy hook up. With our gear all loaded up, we're going to take it out on our test course and show you how it performs. We're going to take it through our slalom course, which is going to offer some side to side movement, giving you the real life example of making quick turns or going around curves. As we make our corner, we're going to hit our alternating bumps course. This is going to show you the side to side movement and a simulation of hitting potholes. Then, we're going to go through our inaudible 00:06:36, which is going to give you an example of how this would perform going in and out of parking lots or going over speed bumps. That's going to do it for today's review of the Yakima Rack and Roll trailer 66 inch bars, part number Y08106. .

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I would like to carry 4 or more kayaks on this trailer. Two of them are 17 foot and the other two are 17 1/2 foot. I also have an 18 foot one that I will carry occasionally. I really didn't understand the specs. It seems I am limited to what I can carry based on the size. Please comment.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

I reached out to Yakima and they did confirm that even with the Tongue Extension Kit # Y08109 , the Rack and Roll Trailer # Y08107 would only be able to safely secure two of your 17+ foot long kayaks. I think a better option for this application is the larger Malone MegaSport Trailer # MPG535 .

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