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Yakima RidgeLine Towers Review

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Review of the Yakima RidgeLine Towers Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Yakima RidgeLine Towers for the Yakima Crossbars, particularly for flush side rails, part number Y00145. The Yakima RidgeLine Towers enable you to connect your Yakima JetStream, RoundBar or CoreBars to the factory flush side rails of your vehicle. It comes in a quantity of four. If we open up our end cap here, it uses these RidgeClip Fit Kits which are sold separately for your particular vehicle to attach it to the roof. You can adjust the pitch of the tower to the left or the right by adjusting this screw here so you can keep the roof rack level with curved roofs. At the ends of our towers, there's a knockout where you can take that out and replace it with the Yakima Same Key System Lock Cores so the accessories you're carrying as well as your roof rack can be keyed alike. It also comes with its own torquing tool to attach this to your roof as well.

Its base is made from a durable weather-resistant stainless steel with glass-reinforced plastic covers and elastomer construction. The maximum tower load capacity is 220 pounds, but always double check with your roof rack bars you're using as well as the vehicle's manual to determine the proper weight settings. Now that we've gone over the features of the towers, let's go ahead and show you how they install into a pair of Yakima bars, particularly the JetStreams that we're using today. When you open up the package, what you'll get is four towers and the included torque tool. Everything else comes along with the bars or the actual RidgeClip Fit Kit that comes along with your particular vehicle. Our first step to installing these to any of the Yakima bars is we're first going to have to remove our end caps.

You'll see they have little grips on either side of them. You'll squeeze those two together and it pops right out. Once that's removed, you can see that it has two screws. You want to loosen these both up. The small screw you want to loosen up until this is flush at the end. This one you want to loosen up about eight turns or so.

As I loosen this you can see this coming out, and that's exactly what you want to happen. We'll do this to our other tower as well, and then we'll get ready to install this on our JetStream bar. Normally with the JetStreams you would cut this rubber strip in the bottom of it to length around the towers once you have them in their proper positions, but for demonstration purposes we'll just remove it and set it aside. Next, we'll take our Fit Kit from our JetStream, we'll push our top bracket into the top of our tower, and that'll just snap into place, and this metal piece will go into the screw in the center and tighten down that way. Tighten it with the screw at the bottom here until it's tightened down all the way and you can hear audible clicks from our tightening tool, like so. We'll repeat this for our other tower as well. Next, we'll take this end here, slide it into our channel on our JetStream bars, not tightening it down to the bar yet.

We'll repeat this for our other tower as well. Next, take our pads from the RidgeClip Fit Kit for your particular vehicle. Those get pushed into place. Next, we can set our end caps into place, and they just push in. Then we can set these on our flush side rails and start getting them installed on the roof. We'll take our bar and we'll set it in place. How you want this setting on your factory flush side rails is going to be like this all the way on with as little hanging off as possible. These are the factory points that we're going to be looking for. For the front bars, we want to make sure we line up with our front hole here when we install our ridge clips. Next, we'll install our ridge clips. The one with an elongated hole will go into the front, and the one with the two smaller holes will go at the back, making sure that our notch here goes into our predetermined factory mounting point on our flush rail. What we'll do is we'll lift up our bar and slide these into place. Then we'll repeat this for our other side. Back down. Now we can start tightening these down with our torque tool. Now, before we tighten this bolt down we want to make sure that the setting on our actual tower is where it needs to be, whether it's going to be plus or minus six degrees, and that's where you determine the placement of your bolt at the top here to the left or to the right. It's going to vary from vehicle to vehicle, but just make sure you pay attention to that before we tighten everything down. Next, we'll tighten these down until you hear those clicks. I'm holding the back plate into our predetermined mount just to make sure it doesn't move around. I would also like to point out that we still haven't tightened down this screw up here. That comes last to tighten that to the bar. We'll start tightening this down. As I do this, you'll see that this is actually gripping around our flush rail here. Next we'll tighten this down, which will tighten our tower down to our bar. Before you do that, you do want to make sure that the crossbar overhang from this point to the end is equal on both sides. It is in our case, so now it's secure. Our final step is to put our end caps on both sides, and then we'll repeat this process for the rear bar. Now, when installing these into the rear side of the vehicle, you want to make sure you use the rearmost connection point, not the front like you did in the front bar. Now we're ready to load up our gear and hit the road. There you have it for the Yakima RidgeLine Towers for Yakima Crossbars for flush side rails, part number Y00145.

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