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Yakima RocketBox Pro 12 Roof Cargo Box Review

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Review of the Yakima RocketBox Pro 12 Roof Cargo Box

Today well be reviewing the Yakima RocketBox Pro12 Rooftop Cargo Box, part number y07191. Now with the RocketBox already assembled, well start up our review by installing it onto the vehicle. To assist us in our review today, we will be using the HitchMate Adjustable Tire Step, part number he4040. Set the RocketBox onto the vehicles cross bars and open up the lid. Well first loosen up the black circle knob on the inside of the lid to slide and adjust the arms to fit on the cross bars. This also allows you to position the rear clamps so that the box sits far enough up that it wont interfere with your hatch.

Once weve spaced out the brackets on the underside of the RocketBox, well unscrew the red T-handle to loosen up the jaws. Well do this for all four of the red handles and all four of the black knobs to loosen up the jaws to fit the jaws around the cross bars. Well then first tighten on the black knob to secure the jaws in position, and then turn the red T-handle to tighten down the jaws to secure the carrier to the vehicle. This economically priced roof-mounted cargo box provides storage for your gear. Its short and wide design is weather safe and perfect for vehicles with short roof lines.

The box opens from either side to allow you to access cargo from either side of the vehicle. It used key locks with Yakimas same key system course on both sides of the box, and the SKS course can be changed out to make all of your Yakima locks key alike. The aerodynamic shape reduces wind noise and drag, and the style lines are designed to match the look of smaller vehicles. There are four tie-down points inside the box that allow you to secure your gear with minimal movement. Its constructed of ABS plastic and has as sleek, sophisticated look that will compliment any vehicle.

It carries twelve cubic feet of storage, weighs thirty pounds, and comes with a limited warrantee. Now that weve gone over some features and specs, of the Yakima RocketBox Pro12, well load up some gear and show you how it looks driving down the road. And that completes todays review of the Yakima RocketBox Pro12 Rooftop Cargo Box, part number yo7191.