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Yakima Cargo Baskets Spare Tire Carrier Review

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Review of the Yakima Cargo Baskets Spare Tire Carrier

Today we're going to be taking a look at the spare tire carrier for the Yakima roof rack cargo basket. It's part number Y07076. The Yakima tire holder keeps your spare tire both accessible and out of the way while you drive. It is compatible with both the Yakima Mega Warrior and Load Warrior. It accepts tire sizes up to 35 inches wide. We have this tab here with this shackle that lines up with this hole here, which you can add a padlock, which are sold separately. You can find these on The diameter of the shackle is 1/4 inch. It's very quick and easy to install.

You can even pull out this portion where the padlock would go through and utilize that to help loosen it up, or tighten it down. It should also be noted that while we have a trailer tire for this particular application, this can also be used for off road applications for vehicles such as Jeeps, Land Rovers, or Range Rovers. Now that we've gone over some of the features of the tire holder, let's go ahead and show you how it installs. We have our Mega Warrior loaded up here. I would like to point out depending on the size of your tire, you may either have to move the center bar here, or completely remove it. For demonstration purposes, we're going to remove this, so you can see things a little bit easier. Let's take our included tool and take it off by removing the screws on both sides. Once you open up the box, these are all the pieces that come with the tire holder. The first thing we're going to do is get the general vicinity of where we're going to place our tire. Place these clamps around the smaller bars and then install the plate underneath and attach it with the included screws and nuts. Another suggestion is to place a pad, or in this case we're using foam pads, underneath the area we're going to be installing this just to protect the roof of your vehicle. We're at the roof now.

We're going to take our bottom plate, get an idea of where we're going to have this. I'm going to place it right around the center of the cargo basket. Once we have that figured out, we'll take our clamps and place them around the bar. They just snap on very easy. Now we can lift up our plate and install our hardware. Drop our hardware through.

Let's use a Philips head screwdriver and a wrench to tighten it down and repeat this for the other side. This is going to be the top plate portion, which is going to sit on the top of your tire. That being said, we have these pads that you can place on the bottom side of this plate. This is going to be the side that's going to sit on your tire to help protect your tire. For demonstration purposes, we'll be leaving them off, but they're adhesive and they will stick to the back. Next we'll take our hook bolts here, remove the plastic cap. That is going to go through the center hole of our plate like so.

The washer is going to go on top of that. Next we'll take our tightening handle and we can thread that onto our hook bolt until it starts to protrude, as you can see, here. That's when you use this cap and place it back on the top. Now we're ready to install our tire onto our cargo basket. Next we can install our hook into our loop. Once we have the hook in position, you'll see that we have these three points here to be used with our last bolt. That's going to match up with our holes in the tire to determine how it will stay in place while we tighten it down. Looks like the center one there. We'll take our nut and tighten that down in place. With everything in place now, we'll set our plate down with our bolt in place. We'll hold up the bolt as we tighten down our handle here just so we don't lose that hooked portion. Then we'll tighten it down until you feel at least the slightest bit of resistance and then one more full turn and you're good to go. Then we'll take this portion here, line it up with the hole at the bottom of the plate. Now you can install your lock. There you have it for the spare tire carrier for the Yakima roof rack cargo baskets, part number Y07076.

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