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Yakima Roof Rack Review - 2015 Subaru Forester

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Review of the Yakima Roof Rack on a 2015 Subaru Forester

Today on our 2015 Subaru Forester, we're going to be doing a test fit on the Yakuma RailGrab Roof Rack System. We've got the 48-inch round bars that we're using; part number on that is Y00408. We've got the Yakuma RailGrab Foot Pack System; part number on that: Y00138. As you can see, we've already got the front bar installed on the Forester. We're going to go over with you how to install the rear bar. Now, installing the foot pack is very simple. It's just going to be a matter of sliding the large hoop around the large round opening here right down on our bar.

With that done, we'll take the black cap, press it right on the end there. That's going to help to hold our foot packs on. We can now place our foot pack up here onto the side rails on the Forester. We'll find a fixed point to use for mounting. The fixed point's important.

This is going to help us to ensure that our feet are in line with each other, and that our bars are running parallel. We've already used a fixed point here on the front, so that we know we have our foot packs in the proper position. Now that I've got that one where I wanted, I'm going to come over here to the driver's side and just do that same thing. I'll have to loosen this one up a little bit. .. It doesn't want to go around the bar just yet, so there's an Allen bolt in there that's loosened up.

There we go. All right, we found our fixed point on each side. We're not going to take a quick look, just to be sure we have our bar centered on the vehicle. I guess this isn't an integral step into making it structurally sound or anything, but it certainly looks better if it's equal on both sides. Now, we're going to be able to open the end cap. We've got a silver set screw here.

The silver set screw's going to hold our bar in position by driving a wedge up into it. Once we have that tight enough, that bar's not going to slip around on us. Now we can tighten up the black Allen bolt located in here as well. Tightening this up draws the rear portion of our clamp in. It's going to get a good solid grip onto our side rail there. . You see Nice and secure on this side. We'll just close our cover. Typically, you'll just have a little black cap over here. Those can be easily removed as we've done here to show you. You've got a tumbler opening in there, so you can put the Yakuma Single Key System 1 in each of the 4 foot packs all the way around and secure the bars to your side rails. The part number on that is Y07204. That is going to be for the 4 pack. They'll give you all that you need to get the bars secured to your vehicle. Now, I'm over here on the passenger side. Again, I'm using that same fixed point that we had. Vice versa to that anyway. I'm on the driver's side now. I've used the same fixed point that I've used on my passenger side, tighten down my set screw and just going through that same process to be sure that we have everything in line. It's a really easy quick system to use, the rail grabs are one of the easier out there. It's really that quick; have our roof rack installed on our vehicle and we're ready to hit the road. Now that we've taken a good look at the Yakuma RailGrab Roof Rack System, using part numbers Y00408 and Y00138 on our 2015 Subaru Forester, that will complete today's test fit. .

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