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Yakima Saddle Style Kayak Carrier Review

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Review of the Yakima Saddle Style Kayak Carrier

Today we'll be taking a look at the Yakima Kayak Carrier with tie downs, part number Y04083-04082. The Yakima Kayak Carrier is a versatile carrier that allows you to carry one kayak with the whole side down on your vehicle's roof rack cross bars. This is great for sea, river, recreational, and most fishing kayaks. The carrier comes with two load straps, one at the front and one at the back, this is going to secure your kayak to your cross bars, and two anchor straps. One at the front and one at the back here as well, that are going to secure your kayak to your vehicle. The load straps include strap keepers to help tie up your excess, and padded cam buckles to help prevent any scratches or abrasions on your kayak. The bow and stern straps have this plastic coating over a portion of the strap. This is going to help prevent any scratches or abrasions on a portion where the strap might touch your vehicle. The Yakima Kayak Carrier has an 80 pound weight capacity.

The flexible saddles help provide maximum support for your kayak, and the felt padding helps to slide your kayak in place. The rollers at the back make for easy loading from the rear of your vehicle. The carrier has the option to insert the same key system lock core to secure your carrier to your roof rack. The Yakima Kayak Carrier works with round, square, arrow, elliptical, and most factory cross bars, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The installation is quick and easy. We'll show you how to do that now. We don't have to use our round bar adapter, because we're applying this to our factory roof rack system.

We're just going to take the clamps, and wrap them around our cross bar. Once we have that in place, we'll tighten down our knob. We've got that tightened down. Now we can place on our rollers in the back. Now we'll take our roller and place it in line with our front pad, and we'll tighten it down.

Once we have that secured, we're ready to load up our kayak. Before we actually strap down our kayak, we're going to take our strap keeper that is included, and we're going to feed it through on the back side. We'll pull our strap all the way through until it's closer to our cam. Now we're ready to feed our straps through, and secure it down. We'll take our front strap. We're going to slide it into this slot here, underneath our carrier and to the other keeper at the bottom.

Then we'll just continue to take our strap through the same keepers on the opposite side. We'll take our cam buckle and the end of our strap, and feed it through the cam. We'll tighten this up, and then tie down our excess. We're going to fold this up, and we'll put it in our strap keeper. Here on the back half of our kayak, we're going to take our strap and feed it underneath our cross bar, and send it over to the other side. We've taken our strap underneath the other side of our crossbar. We're going to now fold up our excess and secure it with the strap keeper that we've placed on. Now we can move on to our bow and stern straps. Here we're at the back of our vehicle. We're going to secure this strap here through our strap on our kayak. We're going to feed it through itself and pull it down. Now we'll grab our strap with the hook. Now we're ready to secure our hook to our vehicle. We want to make sure we secure it to a metal portion and nothing plastic. I'm going to secure it here in back at our safety chain loop. Then we'll take the rest of our strap up, and secure it through our buckle. We'll make sure to tighten down our strap and tie up our excess. Now we can repeat the same process for the front of our vehicle. When using this on a round bar application, we're going to take our adaptor. Make sure we have it completely opened, and secure it around our bar. Then we can take each piece of our kayak carrier and secure it around our adapter, and tighten that down. Now we'll repeat that same process for our other roller and our two saddles. That's going to be our completed look at the Yakima Kayak Carrier with tie downs, part number Y04083-04082.

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