Yakima Ski and Snowboard Racks Review - 2020 Toyota RAV4

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Review of the Yakima Ski and Snowboard Racks on a 2020 Toyota RAV4

A.J.: What's up everybody It's A.J. with etrailer.com. Today we're going to be checking out the Yakima Fresh Tracks on our 2020 Toyota Rav4. It's going to be a great way to get your skis and your snowboards on the roof of your vehicle instead of being inside your vehicle. That extra leg space is going to make all the passengers way more happy on your trip, which makes for a better trip. Or you just don't want to put these nasty snowboards and skis in your car after they've already got salt and they're wet from the snow and all, and you don't want to just track that in here, this is a great solution.

Just keep them on your roof. That way the interior is not affected. Let's check them out.I'm going to hop up there and show you how they attach. It's actually a no tool system, which is kind of nice. It's unlike some of the other ones we do or have.

You can just twist this off and you see the clamp loosens up and it all stays on the bottom of this carrier. I'll move my hand away. Sorry about that. Now you can get a better look. I'll tighten it back down.

So that's already going to eliminate some of the time of setting this up on your roof. The other ones, sometimes you have to use a hex head and turn that on this side and this side. And you're going to do that for all of these. This one, it's not that, it's just a simple knob. You turn it and it gets nice and tight.

I can shake the whole vehicle. It's not going anywhere. You don't see any movement down here at the base. So you know it's secure.Another thing, it's got this big oversized button. This is probably the biggest button on the ski racks that I've seen. So even if you have gloves on, pretty thick gloves, you don't have to worry about this little button you have to push over here to pop it open. You just use your palm and pops right up, which was another part that I really like is that the arm stays up. So that's good when you're loading and unloading, to have one hand here while they're trying to get up here and slide the ski and snowboard in there, and that can be a pain. This way up and out of the way, you can easily unload it and load it as you see fit.Another thing, you've got the rubber protector here. You don't have to worry about it scratching your skis or snowboards. It's not going to bother it at all. I can slam my hand in the thing, no issues at all. So if it's not going to hurt my hand, it's not going to hurt your gear.Now it does hold up to force four skis and two snowboards. Also, something to keep in mind, you can see that the bindings on the skis are smaller, so that it's not going to come in contact with the roof of your vehicle. However, for the snowboard, they can stick up quite a bit more. We weren't able to flip those around and get them, but not touch the roof. So just keep that in mind when you're loaded up. Just push down. It locks into place. Also has a key, so you can lock it up when you go into the gasoline or something on your trip, and you can leave this unattended and nobody can mess with your skis or snowboards.I know a lot of people like the boxes to carry their skis and snowboards that way. It's all enclosed. Don't have to worry about the elements getting to them or anything like that. But those are pretty pricey. I think this is a better way to hold them on your roof, because still you're getting them out of your car. There's no mess in your car and everybody has more leg room. So everybody's happier.I think that about does it. Thanks for hanging out and I hope this helped..

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