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Yakima SkinnyWarrior Roof Rack Cargo Basket Review

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Review of the Yakima SkinnyWarrior Roof Rack Cargo Basket

Hey guys, today we're gonna take a look at the Yakima SkinnyWarrior Rooftop Cargo Basket. Now this basket is gonna mount to the roof rack of your vehicle. It's gonna allow you to get any excess cargo, luggage, or anything like that out of your vehicle. Get it stored on top of your roof. That will, thus, create more space on this inside for family members, pets, or anything like that.Now, what's kind of unique about this cargo basket is that, given the name SkinnyWarrior, it's gonna be one of those more narrower baskets that you'll find on the market. That's just simply because that they want to allow you to get other stuff on top of your roof.

Like we have our kayak on the other side but we also have enough space, on our SkinnyWarrior, to get all of our cargo up there.This heavy duty rack is gonna be convenient for getting any of that wet, or soiled, gear up on your cargo basket so that you don't mess up the interior of your vehicle.Now, with anything that you put on your roof, you are gonna experience some wind noise and drag. Yakima did want to help you out with that so they included a fairing, to put on the front of your basket, to help deflect that wind over top of your basket and cargo.Let's go ahead and unload our cargo so we can take a closer look at our basket.Now, with the rack empty you can have a better look at what it actually looks like. You're gonna see that it does have a nice powder coat finish, which is gonna help resist rust and corrosion. That's really just gonna add to the looks of your vehicle.Now for it's size, it's still gonna have a very high capacity, at 165 pounds but do be sure to double check with your vehicle's owner's manual, and the owner's manual of your roof rack, to make sure they both can handle that weight.Now let's go ahead and give you some measurements. First we're going to measure from the inside rail to inside rail, on the length and width.

First on the width, we're gonna be at 21 inches. Then from inside rail to inside rail on the length, we'll be at 54 1/4 inches. Now that's how much usable space we have to store our cargo. Also, from the top of our bottom rails, right her, to the top of our top rail is gonna be 4 1/2 inches.Now even though the SkinnyWarrior does have the thin compact design, it's still gonna have a high capacity for it's size. If you find yourself needing a little bit space but you don't want to sacrifice any of the thinness of the SkinnyWarrior, there is a 16 inch extension you can pick up, separately, here at eTrailer.

It's gonna set in the middle of your cargo basket. That's gonna give you 16 inches more, of length, for storage space.Now with the raised side rails, that go all around the SkinnyWarrior, along with the ribs that make up our floor and sides of our SkinnyWarrior, you can use all of those as good tie-down points to secure your cargo. Whether you got bungee straps or ratchet straps or anything like that. Also, there's an optional SkinnyWarrior cargo net, you can pick up here at eTrailer, and it's specifically designed for the length and width of your SkinnyWarrior. It's gonna allow you to secure your cargo, in a timely manner, using two different hooks that can either hook on to the thickness of our ribs or the thickness of our side rails.Now, it's gonna connect to our roof rack using four of these bracket systems.

These are gonna work well with our arrow bars, like we have on our roof rack right now, but it's also gonna work well with round bars, square bars, and most factory roof racks. You can also adjust the brackets, throughout the ribs, on our SkinnyWarrior. That's gonna help accommodate various different crossbar spreads, that you might have. It uses two of these hand knobs, and screws, to tighten down. The clamp, basically, is pulled up and, basically, the clamp sandwiches the crossbar, like this, and it secures it very well.Now, the bottom side of each brackets gonna have this nice soft foam piece that's gonna help prevent any type of scratch, or abrasion, from occurring on the top of our crossbar.Now, as you can see in our vehicle, right here, we have more than enough space between our trunk and our SkinnyWarrior to gain access to the back and get any cargo that we might need. Now, depending on your make and model of vehicle, you want to make sure you install your SkinnyWarrior as far forward, as you need to, to still have access to your trunk.Now, due to it's compact design, SkinnyWarrior is gonna come in at about 23 pounds. Now this is gonna make it easier to get on and off your vehicle, when you compare it to those bigger, bulkier cargo baskets. You're gonna be able to do it by yourself, without any tools to install it.Now with all that being said, that's gonna do it for our look at the Yakima SkinnyWarrior Roof Cargo Basket.

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Does it come with a lock or order separately? What's the part #? What's part # for the netting that hooks over it? Cost? Thx.

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