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Yakima SkyBox 21 Cargo Box Review

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Review of the Yakima SkyBox 21 Cargo Box

Today we're going to be reviewing the Yakima Skybox, cargo box. This is going to feature 21 cubic feet of space. Part Number Y07184. This is made from a durable ABS plastic construction and it's going to feature a premium scratch-resistant automotive finish. Now, it's going to feature a slick aerodynamic design. This is really going to help when it comes to reducing drag and it's going to cut wind noise. This system is going to include two same-key system locks. It's going to secure your gear inside the box and it's going to lock the box to the roof of the vehicle.

The SKS cores can be changed out to make all of your Yakima locks keyed alike if you own multiple Yakima products. Now another new feature with the lock is, the only time the keys can be removed is when the lid is fully closed. So to unlock the box and open it up, we simply put the keys in, move it to the unlocked position and, as you can see, the keys will not remove. Pull down the lever and then we can lift open the lid of the box. Now on the inside of the box you're going to notice this one will have four hand clamps. These are actually going to operate as cam action levers. And these levers are going to bring the feet tight around the bars.

So you're going to have four of those inside your box. You also have the hand knob on the cam action lever. It's going to take out any flak between the foot and the bar. And then the cam action lever is going to finish the securing process. This thumb wheel, if you loosen it up, is going to allow the clamp to slide in the tracking system and that's designed to accommodate a variety of crossbar widths. On each side of the box you're going to find a tracking system on the outside of the clamps.

There's going to be four of these red connection points. It's going to allow you to have good anchor points as you tie down and secure the straps over your gear. Also inside the box you're going to find a strap on each side of the lid. This is to assist you in pulling the lid closed. All you have to do is pull it, and once you get it shut, just tuck back in the strap. Now we're going to show you how to install the box onto your roof rack.

One of the first things you need to do is just go ahead and place it up on your roof rack system. So now we're just ready to make sure that our feet are around our crossbars. Here's our box. We want to go ahead and tighten the thumb wheel. This is just going to lock the foot in place, making sure that the clamp doesn't slide back and forth in the tracking. Once we have that done we can tighten the thumb wheel here on our clamp. It's going to get our foot snug around the crossbar. And then we can rely on the cam action lever to finish the securing process. Then we can repeat that process for the other three feet. On the inside of the feet are going to be pads. This is going to help protect the finish on your roof rack and keep it from doing any damage as the foot tightens up around your crossbar. This is a duel-opening box, so it's going to open from either side of you vehicle, allowing you to gain access to all of your cargo or the content of the box. Also, this is a great advantage because, let's say you're on a road. You can choose which side of the vehicle you need to be on that's going to keep you out of traffic, but still gain access to the contents of your box. So we're going to move to an unlocked position and then you just push up on the lid. It's going to feature spring-loaded hinges that make opening the lid very easy. It's going to feature a nice lip that goes over the handle of the box. That way you can get a nice grip. And the lid of the box has a nice lip that overhangs the bottom portion of the box and that's really designed to help keep the weather out from inside the box. Now here's the back of the box. You're going to notice that it has a really nice slant design. This is designed to give you the most amount of clearance between the back of the box and your rear hatch door. Now the lid on the box is made three times stiffer than other Yakima boxes. It's going to use an inaudible 00:04:18 scale technology that's going to lessen the vibration during transport and it's also going to promote easy, one-handed operation. The Yakima Skybox comes fully assembled and it's ready to be installed on your vehicle right out of the box. This is designed to mount on round, square and most factory crossbars. It's going to fit crossbars spread between 24-inches and 42-inches. Yakima stands behind the Skybox by featuring a lifetime warranty. That's going to do it for today's review of the Yakima Skybox Roof-Mounted Cargo Box with 21 Cubic Feet of Space, Part Number Y07184. .