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Yakima SkyBox Lo Rooftop Cargo Box Review

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Review of the Yakima SkyBox Lo Rooftop Cargo Box

Hey guys. Today we're going to be checking out the Yakima SkyBox Low Rooftop Cargo Box. Now this box is going to free up space inside of our vehicle for more passengers and pets so it's going to allow us to carry more gear on our roof. This is a great option rather than having to purchase a trailer hitch and a cargo carrier or hauling a trailer behind us. This way everything is on top of our roof and if we like we can still haul those jet skis or our camper around.A rooftop cargo box is very similar to a rooftop basket, allowing us to carry more gear on our roof. But what's nice about a rooftop box is it's going to protect our gear from the elements.

It's covered. And it also has a lock so it gives us some security. We can leave our gear unattended when we're away from our vehicle. What separates the Yakima SkyBox Low from the other rooftop boxes is that it's low profile. It's actually 11 1/2 inches tall so we've got less wind resistance up top.

But where it lacks in that height we pick up in width. It's 36 inches wide so we're going to still be able to carry plenty of gear. It offers 15 cubic feet of space.It's important to understand that anything we put up on top of our roof is going to make some noise. I talked about the dimensions, I talked about how it's low profile but it's still going to make noise regardless. But with all that being said, Yakima says that the textured dimple design is going to help with some of that.

It's going to cut down on that drag.Now the box is fairly long at 92 inches so it's going to take up most of our vehicle's length. With that being said, you want to be sure you position it correctly on your roof. That way you can still access your rear hatch. On my 4runner here I can open up my hatch most of the way before it makes contact but still not enough so again, you want to be sure that we position it correctly to where we can get most out of our access. Yakima designed the SkyBox with an undercut design here at the rear so it's going to give us a little bit more room for that rear hatch but for our 4runner here, not quite enough.Now the Yakima SkyBox is a universal fit.

This means it's going to work out with most roof rack systems. I've got the Yakima Core Bar installed here. You can see it's clamped around the inside but it'll also work with your round, square, arrow, elliptical and most factory roof rack systems.Just to give you a closer look at the clamp underneath and around the bar, it does feature a rubber coating for grip and that way it doesn't harm or scratch the finish of that roof bar but we'll take a closer look at those clamps during the install.To open the box it's a pretty simple operation. You'll need the keys. We can unlock it and then we can turn the lever. From there our box can open up. Now there's a few nice features built in with the operation here. For one, when it's unlocked we cannot remove the keys. This is going to prevent us from losing our keys. It's also going to prevent us from closing it incorrectly. Unless the box is closed properly, we cannot lock it up. It also opens from the other side. This makes it easier to load and unload your gear. And also, if you're parked on a busy street, this can get you out of the way of traffic. It opens the same way on both sides.Here on the inside, like most premium boxes, two struts keep the lid open. That way we don't have to struggle with it while loading and unloading our gear. Here on the bottom it features cam action clamps. It's two per crossbar so we've got a front and rear. They're very large so they're easy to use. And once they're set to our crossbar width, we've got a nice tight fit every time and there's no need to adjust it. They're adjustable to match your roof rack setup. Once the cam lever is open, you can loosen up the knob back here and they can be adjusted to your crossbar spread. Once you've got it set, you tighten it down, you close it up, and you're good to go, making it fast and easy.The box also features four red anchors per straps. This way you can secure your gear when you're on the road. It's going to prevent it from shifting during travel. Most boxes feature anchors but they're black. These are red. We're going to be able to see them a lot easier with the inside of the box being black.Now I'm going to load up some gear. I've got a few things laid out here. This will give you an idea of how much the SkyBox will hold. One you've got everything all loaded up, it's up to you if you want to run some straps through those anchors. Again, it can just help further prevent your gear from shifting when you're on the road. But with everything strapped down and loaded we can go ahead and close up our box. The drawstring makes it easy to close from the ground. You want to be sure that it's closed all the way. That way you can remove your keys.Before we finish up lets do a quick install. I've got the SkyBox off of my vehicle and on my table here. There's a few things you need to set up before you can just set it in place on your roof rack system. You want to be sure that cam is in the open position. You'll also want to be sure that the clamp is open wide enough ready to receive your crossbar. That can be adjusted with this knob here. Now this is also the memory knob so once you have it set, just like I mentioned earlier in the video, there's no need to set this up just as long as you use that same size crossbar.With it opened up I also want to leave it adjustable, that way when I set it on my roof I can easily scoot it back over my crossbar. Since the clamps are not removable like other roof boxes, this is the easiest way so loosen up that knob and slide all of your cams forward just like this. Now in order for this to work out with your roof rack system, you need to be sure you have a crossbar spread between 24 and 42 inches. That's center on center. And if you're using an aftermarket roof rack system, you'll need to be sure that your bar width does not exceed 3 1/2 inches and your bar height does not exceed an inch and 11 1/16. If you're in the zone with that, you're all set. We can go ahead and set it in place.Now the rooftop box weight about 52 pounds so if you think you can muscle it up and set it in place go ahead and give it a try. Otherwise, if you're using a rooftop box, chances are you've got some people with you. If you can't lift it up yourself, go ahead and ask them to give you a hand. From here you need to decide where you want it on your roof. If you've got more room for other accessories you may want the box to one side or the other. Since I don't have that much room once the box is up here I'm going to center mine up.Once we've got it in place we can then move on to our clamps. Now you'll notice how I place it on my roof, the clamp is not lined up with the crossbar. That's one reason I left the clamps loose so I can easily adjust them back. Now, with this SkyBox you only have to do this the first time. Once that clamp is in position then all you have to do is open up the cam and it's set every time to your roof rack. All we have to do with them being loose is I'm going to lift up slightly up on the box and slide that back until it clamps in. Now I've got it slid all the way back so I'll need to adjust the box further backward to where the clamp lines up with it.Once you've got all the clamps in place then we can adjust our box forward or backward on our roof. Reasons for this is again we want to be sure we can still open up that rear hatch so I'm going to slide that box forward. If you've got them loosened up enough and they're all in place, you should just be able to push your box forward and they should remain in place. As you can see we didn't have a whole lot of adjustment there with our crossbar spread. That was as far as we could push it forward.From there we can just open it up and the first knob we need to tighten down is this one back there. That's going to prevent the box from shifting forward or backward like what we just adjusted. Next, we'll want to fine tune our memory knob here. That's going to allow us to close our cam and get a nice tight fit around our crossbar. It closes that clamp underneath. It actually feels pretty close already. I'm just going to give it a little bit more and then we can just give it a good push and then it's a nice secure fit. Then we're going to repeat the same process with the other three cams.Now you've had a good look at the Yakima SkyBox Low Rooftop Cargo Box. You know how it installs. You know how it holds our gear. I hope this video was helpful.