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Yakima SkyLine Towers for Yakima Crossbars Review

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Review of the Yakima SkyLine Towers for Yakima Crossbars

Today we'll be taking a look at the Skyline Towers for Yakima Crossbars. These are for fixed mounting points, flush side rails or track systems. Part number Y00148. These heavy duty towers allow you to mount two Yakima crossbars onto a vehicle that has fixed mounting points, flush mounted side rails or a track system. Then, you're ready to load up your favorite Yakima accessories and head out on an adventure. A unique feature about these towers is they have the ability to rotate six degrees forward or six degrees backward so they can sit level on top of the vehicle.

All four towers are lockable using the Yakima same key system lock cores and you can pick those up separately with party number &07204. They're made out of a durable, weather resistant, die cast aluminum with a stainless steel hardware, so they're going to stand up to the elements. We're already for the rear on installed. Let's go ahead and show you how to do the front one. In addition to our towers, we'll need a crossbar. You can use the Yakima round bar, core bar or the jet stream.

You'll also need the landing pad. You'll want to check with our website to find which one specifically fits your vehicle. The first thing we can do is grab our tower and we'll want to make sure the hardware in the center here is loosened up. You can simply do that by turning it over and loosening up the bolt on the underside here or you can open it up and loosen that one, as well. Let's go ahead and grab the insert that came with our jetstream crossbars. Then we'll take our centerpiece here.

We'll want to make sure to line up with the bolt inside. We can hold it in place, flip it over and then tighten our bolt. We're just using the included tool. As we're tightening, you'll want to make sure that the whole insert stays center. Once we're pretty good there, you can tighten it the rest of the way down.

We're looking for our three clicks in our tool here. Now let's come over to our jetstream crossbar and turn it over and we're going to remove this rubber strip underneath. We'll grab our tower. We're going to flip it over and then slide it on this channel here. You want to make sure that the center piece and the two black tabs on either side slide into the whole channel. Line it up and push it in place. If you have to, you can push down on the little rubber padding here and then it should just slide right on. Just like that. Now, I'll just place on my end cap and we'll repeat that same process for the other side. Now with our jetstream put together, let's go ahead and move on and grab our landing pad. We'll want to make sure the pad on the bottom is nice and snug up against the plastic foot here. Then, let's go ahead and take off this cap here. Now, let's head over to the vehicle. Over here on our vehicle, we need to locate the fixed mounting point. It's going to be underneath this little tab here. For this particular one, we can just slide it back to unlock it. We'll set that aside for safe keeping and then we can grab our landing pad. It doesn't rightly matter which way you set it in place. It's going to fit just the same. It goes come with all the hardware you need to get it installed. We're going to start with the metal washer and then the plastic washer. We'll feed it down through. We want to make sure and get it started. For this bolt, you will have to provide your own allen tool. Once we've got it started, we can tighten it down. You want to be sure that the pad, underneath here, sits evenly all the way around and that it doesn't fold underneath itself. As we're tightening down, we'll just keep a close eye on that. One that's in place, we'll repeat the same process for the other side. With those in place, let's go ahead and grab our jetstream bar. We want to make sure that the end here is opened up. It's going to draw in the two sides here so we can set it into place. We need to make sure and have both ends opened up and we'll just set it. You may have to adjust the position of your towers along the bar in order for them to sit correctly in the landing pad. Once we get it lined up, we can just press down and then you've got it. Let's go ahead and close up the lid for now. This is going to lock them in place and then we'll check our bar overhang. For checking our bar overhang, it's just the distance from underneath the tower here to the end of the jetstream bar. We can just grab a tape measure and we can measure both sides. It looks like I've got about ten here. We want to try and match it on the other side. I've got about 9 1/2 over here, so I need to come this way a quarter. The easiest way to do that, you can take one hand underneath here and pick up on it to relieve some of the weight and the pressure and just nudge it over. I'd say that's pretty close. At this point and time, you want to make sure that your bar is level with your vehicle. You don't want it too far angled forward and you don't want it too far angled back. What we can do, we can open up the end here and adjust our bolt. I get about six degrees of play either way, so you want to make sure that it's straight. If we look pretty good there, we can just tighten down with our included tool. Same thing here, we're just looking for three clicks. We'll just repeat that same process on the other side. The last thing we would do is cut and reinsert our rubber strip and attach it to the underside of our bar. This would help cut down on wind noise while we're on the road, but for demonstration purposes, we're not going to cut it. That's going to complete our look at the Skyline Towers for Yakima Crossbars, part number Y00148.