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Yakima SlimShady Awning Review

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Review of the Yakima SlimShady Awning

Hey, everybody, Adam here with etrailer. Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Slim Shady Awning. So if you want to be that guy at the tailgate or wherever you may be that has the spot that everybody wants to hang out, the Slim Shady Awning is a great start to whatever you plan on putting on your roof. As you can see, we're all just hanging out, having a good time, and all thanks to the Slim Shady, we're nice and cool. Whether you're biking with friends like we are today, maybe you're at the float trip, maybe taking some kayaks out on the water or skiing, or maybe just at a sporting event, the Slim Shady is gonna be a great way to get that awesome spot for everybody to hang out, get out of the sun, and cool off. So if you stick around we're gonna show you how we got here.

We're heading up on the hill. So I call it the hill. It's basically my favorite spot to have lunch on a nice day here at etrailer. So we got the awning up there, got coolers, got my lunch, and once we get everything all set up and show you guys what's going on with the Slim Shady, what we're gonna do, is we're gonna have some friends up there. It's always nice to just kind of get away for lunch.

And we have this nice little shaded spot with a bunch of shade trees but I like to go in the middle, kind of by this rock. It's cool. And there's no shade there. So having the Slim Shady, you really don't have to give up your favorite spot just because it's not in the shade. You can bring the shade with you.

Especially if I'm bringing friends around, I want them to be comfortable, but I want to show them the cool spots that I have. So, pretty much there. And here we are. Let's get started, shall we Alright, well, we're here. Everything's good.

So now that we are pretty much where we want to be, it's kind of busy here at new trailer, but up on the hill, it's our own little like oasis. It's kind of peaceful up here. I like to have lunch. So what I'm gonna do is get some shade going before I start eating. To get started we want to undo all of our straps here. Just like that. There's gonna be three of them. Then once we do that, we have zippers on both sides. Just like that. We can fold this over like that to get some access to the rest of our awning. And put these to the side for now, just a little baggy. And now we're gonna have some more straps. There's a little hook and loop, guys. Once that is done, I like to fold these up, kind of swing these out. I'm gonna do it by myself today and in real time just so you guys can see that you guys can do it on your own. Now that that's done, take the awning, start rolling it out, just like that. It is a little windy today. So it's gonna be a little bit more difficult with these. All we got to do is just twist a little bit, pull them out, just like that, and it's gonna go into this little hole right there. Once we get that done, fit it in there, just like that. I'm gonna pull it all the way out tight and then give it a little twist to lock it in. Then we can do the same exact thing with the other one. It did slide out on me a little bit cause we're on a bit of a hill. And the the same exact thing, twist, comes all the way out, stretch the awning out. And while we're underneath here, might as well as take those pegs to kind of help us prop it up. There we go. Other little peg, just like that. Now we can start setting our height. We're not gonna get any rain today, but if we did have rain coming our way, we definitely want to have this section a little bit lower than the other section so all that water doesn't go that way. But it's really hot, and there's no rain coming today, unfortunately. So I'm gonna go ahead and put it up pretty tall, and then do my best to match the height on both. Okay, so once we get that done if you see a little bit more slack on one side, you can kind of readjust once it's free-standing. Gonna spread it out a little bit more, twist. Then we have these little hooks loops on bottom. And we're gonna do that on both sides. This goes around this tube. Kind of want to give it a little tug just so it's nice and tight. Since it is windy, the tighter it is, the better. Then, I'm gonna do the same thing on the other side, but this is basically done. And as you can see, I'm not really too tall, but I got it done. So you really don't need an extra set of hands. I like that. So if you get to the tailgate early, or you get to the campsite early, whenever I'm hosting or having people out and I usually have the rig that everybody wants to be around, because you know, I work at each trailer, we have everything you really need to make a cool spot. So I like to get out there early and get it all set up for people. So when they show up, all they have to do is grab a chair and relax. And just like that, we are pretty much ready to rip. I'm just gonna go ahead and start setting up my camp. Got some chairs on the inside, got a cooler and stuff like that. So I'm gonna go ahead and get after it. Well that didn't take a whole lot of time. Now it's all set up for the crew. If I we're to give you a piece of advice, we have a very full roof rack and I still have the bike on that end. So I wish I would have unloaded my cargo basket before I took this awning and put it up because it was a little bit more difficult to grab whatever I need from the basket, especially with our bike rack on the back. So a little tip for you, unload your basket if you have a full rack like this before you put your awning out. This specific Slim Shady is gonna be the 64 square foot. So it's gonna be eight foot long by eight foot wide, which is gonna be great for pretty much like 10 people. We can fit about 10 chairs on the rim of this whole entire awning. And everybody's gonna be in the shade depending on where the sun is. Right now, obviously we're not at high noon so we still have the same amount of shade. It's just a little shifted this way. But perfect for about 10 people, maybe a little less. It just depends on what kind of people you have. If you have a bunch of people sitting on chairs, and maybe some kiddos in the middle of kind of playing, you might even be able to get more. I'm really digging how the awning connects to your rails. Super simple and easy. All you need is your hands to get it locked down into place. And we do have locks already included so you don't have to grab more. So I have this key to like with my off grid cargo basket and my high road bike rack. So, only need one key, and that's awesome. And I can also key my like to my roof rack too. One thing I really like about this we're only really using about two and a half inches of bar space, which is amazing. Literally, there is maybe about an inch between the feet and our basket, so we're really maximizing what our roof can do. We have the HD bars up on top here. These are pretty much the thickest bars that we carry here at each trailer and they wrap around them just fine. So if you have any other type of bar, whether it's a factory bar, square bar, round bar you're good to go and it's not gonna take up hardly any space on your roof. So we have a cargo basket and a bike rack but if you want to go kayaking, you can fit a kayak up on here with the basket and the awning. If you like to ski and you want to get out of the snowfall or whatever it is, you can also put some ski and snowboard racks on here as well. The possibilities are endless, especially since we don't really take up hardly any space on our roof. I really like that just because you can really max it out. The height of the awning is all gonna depend on which vehicle you put it on. We have it on a RAV4 right now, but to give you an idea from the top of your crossbars to where the awning is gonna start, it's gonna be about five and a half inches. So what that means is, if you measure from the top of your crossbar up five and a half inches, that's what this is gonna start out at. So that's the height, but when you go way out here these poles are gonna expand up to about seven feet. So if you have some tall folk that you may be running around with, they're not gonna be bumping their head. Our awning's gonna be made of a vinyl fabric with a nice polyurethane coating. So it's gonna be water resistant, it's going to hold up over the UV rays, and it's not gonna scratch or rip. Not only is it water resistant, but Yakima went the extra mile and gave us a cool little pattern on top. You don't see that with a lot of awnings, usually they're just one color. This looks pretty busy and it looks really cool. All the other components are gonna be made of aluminum or rubber. But right here, we have aluminum which isn't gonna rust away over time. So if you do get some rainy days that you're trying to get underneath it and stay dry, it's not gonna rust away, it's gonna look just as good as it does now for the remaining of it's life. So now that you've seen me set up my camp, set up the awning, and go over some specs of the guys, now we're gonna go back inside etrailer and we're gonna go over the installation process with you now. To begin the installation, what we want to do is start with our clamps. What we want to do, put them down like this, and we're gonna have a little slot right here. It's gonna be one little nylon lock nut we're gonna fit in there. We want to make sure that the nylon part's gonna be facing down, just like that. And then, we're gonna take our bracket and we're gonna slide it on. So you kind of want to get an idea of where the awnings gonna be. So these two holes here are gonna be facing the awning, and our lock is gonna be also facing the awning so we'll have access to that whenever we're on the side of our vehicle. So get all that straightened out. Then you can just go ahead and slide this in, just like that. And then this little hole on top is gonna line up and we will take the washer. And a little bolt, right in there. Once we find the hole, it'll sit down in there real good. We'll take our Allen key, which is included, and tighten this down. We're gonna do the same exact thing for both the right and the left clamp. Now that that's done, what we want to do is remove the little covers on the end. Just pull them off. And this is gonna give us access to the tracks in the back. And while we're flipping this over we want to make sure that the Yakima side is facing up so we don't install it upside down. So this is gonna be the top. This is gonna be the bottom. And what we want to do is take our bracket and we're gonna have some hardware here. We're gonna take two of them for each different clamp, gonna take them and slide them in on the ends. Just like that. And then what we want to do is we want this bottom piece to go in this bottom channel. And of course the top, you want it to go like that. So then after that, we have a lock washer and nut. I'm just gonna get these hand tight for now because we want to make sure we match it up with the spread that we have on our roof. You can try to measure it out perfectly, but for me, I'm just gonna leave them loose to where I can move it a little bit by hand to make sure it's nice and centered on top of our crossbars. Just a little bit of looseness right there, just so we have a little bit of wiggle room. Do that same exact process on the other side. You want to do two things. One, you just want to open up these feet just because it's a lot easier with it down on the table now. And the second thing you want to do is grab a second person. John's gonna help me put this up onto our roof. So let's go ahead and get after it. Clamps down into place and then you can start tightening this up, just like this. And once we have it nice and tight, we're gonna go back and tighten those bolts. Comes with the tool, but this takes a little bit longer. So if you do have a socket set, I'm using a half inch socket, and it is a lot quicker to get the cinch down. Well, that was pretty simple. And now that we have this up, it only takes up about a couple inches on the edge of our bars. So we're gonna go ahead and load our rack up and get fully loaded and ready for our trip. Well, here I am, friends and all. Everybody's nice and cool in the shade for the most part. So it's time for me to eat some grub. Thanks for hanging out and I hope you learned something..

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