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Yakima SUPDawg Stand Up Paddleboard Carrier Review

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Review of the Yakima SUPDawg Stand Up Paddleboard Carrier

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Yakima SUPDawg Stand-Up Paddleboard Carrier with Tie-Downs. Part number Y04075. The Yakima SUPDawg allows us to carry up to 2 stand-up paddleboards as you could see here today. It has built-in integrated straps that run over our paddleboards along with the pads on the straps that help keep our paddleboard from sliding around and also help protect it's finish. The straps simply come down through the cams of the carriers and go down underneath. You pull them tight and you can tuck the excess strap up under and through the carrier.

It features four locks. Two on each carrier. The first one is to lock our straps in place. Once we get them run through, we lock it and then they can't be gotten into and then the second one is with our carriers on our roof rack system. Once we have those locked in place, the carrier can't be removed from the vehicle.

It also features these nice integrated rollers on each of our carriers that make it easy for unloading and loading our paddleboards. It's made of a lightweight aluminum with a glossy black powder coat finish and it's going to resist corrosion. The pads on our straps are UV resistant so carriers also have a rubber padding on top to keep a board from sliding around and also to protect it. The maximum carrying capacity is 66 lbs and it features a limited lifetime warranty. Now that we've gone over some of the features, I'll go ahead and show you how to install this. Keep in mind this will fit round, square, elliptical and aero bars.

Today, we'll be working with the Yakima round bars so we want to use our adapter. We want to make sure that the notch portion is facing up when it goes around our bar. We'll open it up, put it around the bar and close it back up. That way it stays on there. Repeat that same step on the other sides.

Now that I've got my adapters in position, I'm going to grab the carrier. I'm going to make sure that the wing nuts are loosened up. That way can just simply slip it over my adapters. Those are pretty good. You'll also notice that I did favor that side of the vehicle. That way I can make sure it's easier for unloading and loading my paddleboard and also so I can get access to my button and my lock. We'll just place it on the adapter and then line the other one up as well. We've got it lined up on our adapter. Let me go ahead and start tightening this down a little bit. That way it starts grabbing it and then I can fine tune it later. That one seems to becoming together okay. I'm going to tighten this side up a little bit. Once it starts pulling together, we can alternate tightening. Let me go ahead and repeat that same process on this bar. One quick thing, we want to make sure that we have a minimum distance between our carriers of 24 inches. We've got 28 here today so we'll go ahead and continue with that. Make sure that our clamps are open. Sit them on top of our adapters and begin tightening that down. Once again, we'll just tighten them down enough to squeeze it and then we'll straighten it before we finally tighten it down all the way. Now that we've got this installed, let's go ahead and do a couple of paddleboards on top but first, let's push our button back here, pull out our strap. Do that on both sides. First we'll grab our larger of the 2 paddleboards. Make sure that our fin is facing forward. The we'll just roll it up. Also checking that we're not hanging off the back to much. We'll center it up with our carriers. That looks pretty good. Yakima recommends that if you use 2 paddleboards, you use padding between the 2. It is not provided or included with the kit but we're going to use foam here today. We'll go with that there. Now, we'll grab our second paddleboard and ideally its going to be smaller with the fin forward, we'll put it on top of our other one making sure that it sits nicely on the pad. Then you just kind of work it on so you get centered up. Let me get down and check that out. Make sure we're not hanging off the back. Make sure it's centered in the front. That looks pretty good. Next, we'll grab our straps and we'll put them over the paddleboard. You'll notice on the straps, they've got these rubber pads. These are to help keep our paddleboards from sliding around. Now we'll come over to this side, grab our strap once again, checking our pads, making sure they're making good contact with our board. Then we'll feed our strap down through in front of the rubber wheel. Once we get that strap down through, you want to make sure to pull it down tight. Just kind of help it feed through. That way the cam buckle inside holds the strap tight. Now let's repeat that same step on this side. Now, we've got this side tightened, we want to make sure and go back and check our other side as well before we get on the road. Now that they're both tight, we'll grab our strap and we'll tuck that in underneath. Let's do that same thing on this side. It also includes the strap so you can secure them safely before we get on the road. We'll start by running a loop in through and then putting our cam buckle through the loop. We'll grab the other part of our strap and you'll notice one side has rubber padding. This is so we don't damage the finish on our vehicle. We'll put one end up through the cam buckle and we'll come underneath. You can adjust this if we need to. Then we'll grab our hook. We'll put our hook in place and then we'll go and find a secure point underneath our vehicle and then we can tighten it up. We'll get this tightened down a little bit and then we can adjust our pad as need. You could see I need to come down a little bit. We'll put it at about that position and then we'll pull down tight. Then our last step is to tie up our excess strap and then we can hit the road. That's going to complete our look at the Yakima SUPDawg Stand-Up Paddleboard Carrier. Part number Y04075. .

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