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Yakima Tube Top Bike Adapter Bar Review

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Review of the Yakima Tube Top Bike Adapter Bar

Today we're going to be reviewing the Yakima Tube Top Bike Adapter Bar, Part number Y02531. This is going to give you the horizontal bar needed to mount women's or other non-traditional bike frames onto hanging style bike racks. It's easy to retract and extend by simply lightly twisting and pulling apart or twisting and pushing together. It's easy to open and close the clamps by pressing the gold button down and rotating it, which will then allow you to hook it around your seat post and your handle bars. Closing them is as easy as spinning it around until it clicks into place. The overall length of the tube top adapter, outer edge to outer edge, comes right to 24 inches. The inside measurements from here to here are going to measure about 14 and a quarter inches. We'll extend it and repeat those measurements that we have that for reference also.

Outer edge to outer edge is right at 31 and a half inches. Inside to inside, we're going to measure 22 and a half inches. The tube top adapter bar is designed to match most bike frames. Giving you the diameter of the smaller tube is one and 1/8th of an inch. The larger tube is one and 3/8th of an inch. So that you can verify this is going to be a good fit for your application at home, we'll grab the distance between the length and the width for the bigger clamp. The length is going to be about 4 and a quarter.

The wide comes to 2 and an eighth. We'll grab the smaller measurement also, which is about 3 and 3/4 and one and a half inches in width. We'll show you the bike adapter bar on a variety of different bike frames. We'll get them loaded on top of the rack that we can see how they work getting installed. With it loaded up here, we'll go ahead and strap it down. As you can see, our adapter bar works well with our mountain bike with a slightly slanted frame.

Next, we'll move to the kids' bike, which has much more of a slanted frame on it. We also have a bike here with a non-traditional drop frame style. As you can see, the adapter bar is definitely necessary for loading this type of bike onto a hanging bike rack. We've installed the adapter bar in several different frame types. We started with our mountain bike, which has a slightly slanted frame. Next, we used our kids' bike, which, as you can see, has much more of a slant to it. Now, we've installed it on a bike with an alternative style frame.

The tube top adapter bar installs quickly and easily. Extending the bar, and then pressing the button to open up the clamps is going to allow you to fit it around the seat post and the handle bar post. You'll then want to bring it together and close your clamps. With the adapter bar installed on our women's bike, we'll load it onto our bike rack. All that's left to do is strap it down and we're ready to hit the road. The tube top adapter has a 45 pound weight capacity. It attaches to the bike with the molded collars. These collars are gentle on the bike stem and offer a rubber coating to help prevent any damage to your bike. Works with dual arm, single arm, and platform bike racks that mount to a hitch, trunk, or spare tire. The tube top adapter also features a lifetime warranty. Now, we can take it out and show you what it's going to look like in action through our test course. We'll take it through the slalom, which show the side to side action. Our alternating bumps will give you the twisting motion. The solid bumps will give you the up and down movement of the bikes. That completes today's review of the Yakima Tube Top Bike Adapter Bar, Part number Y02531. .

Questions and Comments about this Video

Mike S.

My two pole sides came apart and I can't get them back together again.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

I reached out to my contact at Yakima and she said that she's never heard of this being an issue with their Tube Top Adapter # Y02531. She also tried taking it apart on her end but was unable to do so as there is something internally that keeps the tubes together (which is probably contributing to why you can't put them together). This does have a lifetime warranty so you can try reaching out to Yakima directly about that ( If you have a different brand adapter bar let me know and I can help you look into that as well.

Lloyd K.

I just purchased an KAC Overdrive Sport rack for 2 bikes. Both of my bikes are e-bikes with a step thru frame (Rad City Step Thru). Can you please show the best way to mount and secure my step thru bikes using an adapter bar on this kind of bike rack? Thank you!

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

An adapter bar like the Yakima # Y02531 will install the same way whether you are using it to hang a lighter bike on a hanging style rack or to help secure your heavy bike on a platform rack. In your case you will place one of the loops around your handlebar tube and the other end around your seat post. Then the hook on the bike rack will come down on the adapter bar instead of your bike. You may want to put something soft like a cloth or pool noodles where the adapter will make contact with your bike frame just to be on the safe side.

Reply from Lloyd K.

@JonG Thanks Jon, I’m actually going to use some cut down pipe insulation i have instead of a swimming noodle to protect the stem. It should provide enough cushion and protection. BTW still awaiting the arrival of our bike.

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