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Roadmaster Tow Bar Wiring Kit Installation - 2011 Chevrolet HHR

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How to Install a Roadmaster Universal Hy-Power Diode Wiring Kit on a 2011 Chevy HHR

Today on this 2011 Chevrolet HHR we are going to install part number RM-154 from Roadmaster. This is their universal wiring kit. The first thing we need to do is go ahead and run the wires from front to rear with the 4-pole flat. And we are going to be using the big loop for that purpose. It has two ends on there. And we are just going to chop off one end and run that to the back. OK, we are going to start off by attaching our wire to the base plate of the vehicle itself. And we will allow for some extra length there in case we want to change over to a different type of connector. Go ahead and zip-tie that off and then work it towards the back of the vehicle. When we run it to the back we want to make sure that we stay away from anything moving like the suspension or anything that gets hot like the exhaust. Everybody will run there wire a different way, but those are the guidelines you want to go by. We need to run our wires to the inside of the body to get to our wire harness. So basically what we are going to do is this corner right here on the sheet metal is we are going to go ahead and drill a hole out. And we will install a grommet and then run our wires through the inside. 1:03

OK, we will take our wire. We will push it on the inside and then we will go ahead and secure it. And then we will go ahead and fill up the remaining opening with some silicone. Let us go ahead and pull out our wire harness that we just ran to the inside. Now we will go ahead and disconnect the wire harness to the turn signal and running light, which is the one on top. And just pull on this tab a little bit and it comes right apart. And you will also see that it has another wire harness already added to it. This is from a previous install. This is going to be the spot where we are going to install our diodes. So what we are going to do is simply take this and move it up the wire a little bit. We already tested our wire harness and we know that the green wire is going to be our turn signal and brake signal. And the brown wire is going to be for the running light circuit. And our wire harness that we ran from the front basically is going to be color for color. Green is going to be our right turn and brake signal and brown is going to be our running light. We will start with the right turn signal and brake. We will just cut the wire in half. We will stripe the wires back and add our terminals to each side. 2:02

Now let us go ahead and take our green wire and separate it from our wire harness. Alright, we will cut our wire in half and add our terminal for the wire. Now we can add our diode. Now you can see the diode is labeled in and out. The input will be from the vehicle itself. So we will go ahead and slide one on. And then our other input will be from the 4-pole we ran from the front. OK, and then our output always goes out to the taillights. So we will slip that in there. OK, so we have our right turn signal and brake done. Now we will go over to the running light circuit. It is going to be the same thing. However, we are going to have to make a little junction. We will still add our diode like before, but then we are going to run these two together. Then add a terminal to both of those and that will provide our junction. So we will have power for running lights going into this diode and over to the one on the other side. Let us go ahead and add our diode. One other thing we have to deal with is our ground wire. We have not attached the ground yet. And there is a nice piece of sheet metal right here. So we will just use that for our ground. We will take our white wire and we will just go ahead and cut that and add a ring terminal to it and run it straight to the body work. 3:23

Next what we are going to do is run our wire across. So we are going to take out our liner and our cover here. And then we need to get access to underneath this plastic here. So take out the pan and this cover as well. And this threshold here just pops up. Our white green wire we are not going to need anymore. So we can go ahead and just peal that off the harness. We will take the two remaining wires, run it underneath the plastic and over to the other side. Now take a few seconds and zip-tie our wires to the factory harness. Make sure they stay out of the way. Alright, same as before, we will go ahead and release the connection point for the factory wire harness going in to the back of the taillight. You can see it has a previous 4-pole installed. We have a little bit more room here so we will put our diode past the connection point here. Again, brown is going to be our running light circuit on this vehicle. And yellow is going to be our left turn signal and brake. And so again, this will be color for color on this vehicle. We will go ahead and plug our end back into the taillight. Alright, at this point we can go ahead and reinstall all of the interior components and give it a try. OK, with that that will finish our install of part number RM-154 from Roadmaster.

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