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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation- 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid

Today on this 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid we are going to install part number 118426 from Tow Ready. This is a T-One wiring harness. First thing we need to do is open up the trunk area to get to the tail lights to get to the connections that we need to make. We need to remove these two screws right here and take off the tail light assembly. We are going to do this on both sides of the vehicle. Now we will go ahead and pop off the tail light. :25

We have three connectors that we need to disconnect. There is a little tab here that we need to press down on, on all three of them. Go ahead and repeat for the other side of the vehicle. At this point, we can start installing the T-One connector. First off, we are going to push the 4-pole in itself behind the bumper cover and out towards the bottom. We will leave our convertor box sitting outside for now. Now we will take the green part of the T-One connector with the green wire and do the same thing with it. :52

Eventually, this green wire will be run over to the passenger side of the vehicle. Now what we are going to do is take our module and it down with the rest of the wires and attach our ground screw to the sheet metal behind the tail light. Now we can go ahead and start re assembling our driver side tail light. We are going to start off with our yellow wire, that is going to be our turn signal circuit. So if you look on the other side here, yellow is going to be our turn signal, we will hook up to the socket right here, and then do our red and brown which goes to our stop light and running lights, so it will be on top here. Now we will make our connections to the wire harness itself. Remember, these are color coated so if you get lost, just match the connector to the socket and reassemble everything. Taking the connector with the green wire, we are going to route it across, behind the bumper cover itself, make sure we stay away from the exhaust. Alright, we are going to leave that wire alone for now, we will go back to our module. What we are going to do is attach it to the sheet metal back here. I will take our green wire and zip tie it safe and out of the way behind the bumper structure. We are going to zip tie it here too, however, we will put our 4-pole wire there too. With that, we will continue with our green wire for now, we are going to run that up to the other tail light? We will pull it up, and secure it to the factory harness so it will not fall down anymore. 2:39

We will go ahead and pull it up, then secure it to the factory harness so it will not fall down anymore. It is the same as before, however we want to add the green wire, of course this is going to be our turn signal so its gray and the green wire, the other half will be black so we will go back to the original socket. Then, lets reconnect our other lights. We will go ahead and bundle up our wires with one more zip tie. Getting back to the modulite itself, we have one more wire to run. It is going to be our red wire right here. That is going to be our power wire that gets run up to the battery. We are going to add a butt connector to that. Now, we will take our black wire, and attach it to that. It comes with the kit. You can put some electrical tape around it, help seal it off from the elements. Next, we will run our wire up to the front of the vehicle. Basically, what we are going to do is run it along the frame, stay away from mall the suspension components and anything that gets hot. Once we just up to the engine compartment we are going to take some wires and push them up there as far as we can. Then we will have to reach down and pull them up. You want to make sure it is not going to hit anything moving, like a steering linkage or anything like that. I think we will just wrap it up around the harness here, and follow it all the way around. Then we will cut it off right here, and have room for our fuse holder. This is our fuse holder. Cut the loop in half, and then strip the wires. Then connect these two ends together with a butt connector. On the other side, we will install a ring terminal. We will leave this alone for now, and take some zip ties to secure the wires. Alright, we will remove our cover here and attach our ring terminal straight to this bolt right here. 4:58

To make our connections, first off we will disconnect the negative terminal on the battery, so we do not ground our wrench on anything metal when we are working on the positive side. Now, I can go ahead and work on our positive terminal. Lets go ahead and reattach our ground. Grab our fuse, and put it in the fuse holder. Then we will get a tester and test our 4-pole out back. We will test the brown wire first for running lights. Now, left turn. Right turn. Now we will hit the brakes, and now our yellow and green should be constant. Looks like we are good to go. That will conclude the install of part number 118426 from Tow Ready on our 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid.



Do these instructions work to install on a 2005 escape hybrid?

Etrailer Expert

Rachael H.


Yes the same wiring kit is confirmed as a fit for the 2005 Ford Escape. There i not a differentiation for the hybrid models as far as wiring goes.

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