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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2006 Nissan Murano

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2006 Nissan Murano

Today on this 2006 Nissan Murano we are going to install part number C56105 from Curt, their T connector wiring kit. The first thing we need to do is get access to the inside of the vehicle so we are going to have to open up the hatch and we are going to remove some interior panels to get to the wire harness. This compartment we have to move also so we have to remove these two bolts and that will allow us to take it apart. In order to remove this compartment we also have to loosen up the carpeting on the side here too. We are just going to pop up this cap right here and then we will remove the tie down hook. Now we have got our driver side done, now we will go over to the passenger side and repeat the same process. 00:50

At this point we can start installing the wire harness. We are going to start with the yellow wire and that is going to go to the driver side and we are going to look for the harness basically that goes right into the tail light and that is going to be this one right here with the foam tape around it. We are going to simply push down the button right here and some times they are kind of hard to push down so take a small screwdriver and push down on it and simply plug in the harness. Take the white wire and ground it to one of these assembly bolts right here. I think what we will also do is unbolt this little bracket right here and just slip the yellow wire behind it that way we do not have to worry about interfering with the latch. 01:30

Now we are going to find a place to adhere the box to the body work and there is a little flat panel right here and just attach it to that. We will let that set for now and we will deal with our connection for the green wire and we are going to run that all the way across to the other side and do the same thing again on the passenger side. We will take some zip ties and we will take the green wire and attach it to the factory harness. The next thing we are going to do is start routing our black wire that will go up to the battery. We are going to run it up to this grommet right here and then go underneath the vehicle on up to the battery. What we are going to do is make a slot in our grommet. We are just use a pocket knife and just make a little slit into it, we will strip off the end of the wire, and install it to the butt connector. Crimp it down. Now we will take our other length of wire and we are just going to poke it on through the grommet and out the bottom. Once we have got most of it pulled through we will zip tie it to the factory harness once more. At this point we can start putting everything back together. 02:30

Before I put the compartment back into place we will route the 4-pole and just leave it by the spare tire for now. One last panel to go and that will hold our 4-pole up and out of the way. Now lets go underneath the vehicle and start running our wire up front. Just make sure that you stay away from anything that is moving or gets hot like the exhaust. Once we get to an engine compartment we will just push it up in there and then we will reach down from the top and pull it on up. Once you have it pulled up make sure it is not anywhere close to anything that gets hot or is moving. Then we can zip tie it and secure it out of the way. We have got the wire routed up to the front and we are going to come around the air box here and we will just cut it short. We are going to go right by the positive terminal where we need to hook up. Take the fuse holder and cut it in half. On one side we will put the butt connector and the other side the ring terminal. Now we will strip the wire back for the power wire and we will connect that to the butt connector. We will tuck this down and we will hook up to this post right here on the positive battery. Push it down if we can and then put the cover back on. Lets get back to our fuse holder and we will install our fuse. Lets get back here and pull out our 4-pole harness and we will show you how to use it too. Basically pull it out and then leave it flat inside of here and shut the hatch on it. The weather seal is thick enough where it will not hurt the wire. The only thing you have got to make sure of is stay away from the center latch. There you have it for part number C56105 from Curt on this 2006 Nissan Murano.

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