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Ford Exhaust Systems Installation And Review Videos


MagnaFlow Exhaust Review - 2004 Mustang Cobra- Video

MagnaFlow Exhaust Review - 2004 Mustang Cobra

Rev up your engines! Were going to give you an overview of the MagnaFlow Stainless Steel Cat-back exhaust system and what it can do for your vehicle. This dual exhaust system not only improves engine performance by increasing horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency but also decreases exhaust gas temperature. The sleek stainless steel design was engineered with mandrel bent tubes. These tubes have the same diameter throughout the system ensuring a constant uninterrupted airflow decreasing exhaust turbulence. MagnaFlows intelligently designed mufflers are created with a layer of steel wool insertion that absorbs noise but still allows for the signature deep, throaty sound to let people know you are riding on a MagnaFlow. more

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12/14/2009 6:15:42 AM