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Axle Straps Installation And Review Videos

ShockStrap Axle Strap with D-Rings Review- Video

ShockStrap Axle Strap with D-Rings Review

AJ What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today we're gonna be checking out this axle strap from Shock Strap. And what is going to be good for is when you're transporting your vehicle. I got mine loaded up on the trailer today to show you how to do it. We've got it tied down and there's not really good attachment points underneath my vehicle. more

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8/10/2021 8:35:48 AM

Review of ShockStrap Axle Straps - 2 Inch Wide By 30 Inch Long Polyester Axle Strap - SS33MV- Video

Review of ShockStrap Axle Straps - 2 Inch Wide By 30 Inch Long Polyester Axle Strap - SS33MV

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today we're gonna take a quick look at this axle strap by ShockStrap. This is a two inch wide by 30 inch long strap that's going to wrap around your axle to secure your vehicle to a trailer bed. This is going to be great for tying down a UTV, vehicle or snowmobile. You can see, we do have these two steel D-rings that provide an attachment point for your ratchet straps. Of course, the ratchet strap is sold separately. more

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7/7/2021 1:27:16 PM

SmartStraps Axle Strap Tie Downs Review- Video

SmartStraps Axle Strap Tie Downs Review

Adam: Hi everyone, Adam with Today, we're going to be taking a look at SmartStraps Axle Straps with D-rings. So these are going to be ideal for hauling either your side-by-side or even a pickup truck that you may have. There's a bunch of different sizes that we can go for, right now, we have the 21 inch version and the 31 inch version both are going to be two inches wide, and it's going to have a safe working load limit of about 3,333 pounds and we are going to have a maximum weight at about 10,000 pounds for this little strap. We do have a great eight coding on these D-rings so they're going to resist against rust and corrosion and they're going to be extremely strong and durable. One of the things I like about both the 21 and the 31 inch is it comes with this paint saver.Basically, it's just going to make sure a lot of that friction, when you tighten this down, isn't going to be rubbing against your axles and that could damage your paint over time. more

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1/3/2020 12:12:05 PM

Review of SmartStraps Tie Down Straps - Trailer - 348855- Video

Review of SmartStraps Tie Down Straps - Trailer - 348855

Today we're going to take a look at the SmartStraps 21-inch long axle strap with D-rings. Has a 3,333-pound working load limit. Now, this axle strap is designed to help secure your vehicle to the bed of your trailer. Basically this strap will loop around the axle and then attaches to a ratchet strap, which we do sell separately on our website. Has a nice protective sleeve right here you can see to help prolong the life of the strap. It is constructed of an extra durable webbing.Dimensions again, it's two inches wide, 21 inches long. more

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6/14/2019 2:42:39 PM