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MaxxTow Magnetic Telescoping Trailer Hitch Aligner Review- Video

MaxxTow Magnetic Telescoping Trailer Hitch Aligner Review

Today we're going to be reviewing part number MT70043. These are the MaxxTow Magnetic, Telescoping Trailer Hitch Aligners. Line your trailer up with your tow vehicle quickly and easily with this alignment kit. All you have to do is attach one magnetic rod to your trailer's coupler, and attach the other to your truck's ball mount, and then line up the balls in your rear-view mirror. You can see that, without the hitch aligners on, this is definitely a two-person job. I have my friend back here guiding and directing me, making sure that my hitch ball is going to line up with the coupler on my trailer. Now we have our hitch aligners in place, and we're simply going to back up. Make sure that we have them lined up with one another. As you can see, the way that we have them installed today is as soon as we had our ball underneath our coupler 00:00:53, one of the hitch aligners fell off, allowing us to know that our hitch ball was directly under our coupler. more

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1/23/2015 11:05:36 AM

Reese Hitch Accessories - Hitch Adapter - RP11005 Review- Video

Reese Hitch Accessories - Hitch Adapter - RP11005 Review

Today we'll be taking a look at part number RP11005. This is the Reese Hitch Extender for a two inch by two inch trailer hitch. It also comes with a nice step and it's going to provide fourteen inches of extension. This is going to help you clear any obstacles when making those sharp turns when towing and again, it's going to extend your hitch by fourteen inches, and we get that extension by measuring from the center of one pin hole to the center of the other, and on our ruler, it shows fourteen inches. This does feature a nice step that's going to provide easy access to our truck bed. I'll go ahead and show you how that installs real quickly. Our grip pad has a nice adhesive backing that we would just fit in place to the desired location. We fit our step over top of our bracket, and then we would take our included bolts and fit them through the appropriate holes. more

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1/7/2014 12:48:11 PM