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Ford Truck Grilles Installation And Review Videos


Putco Bar Style Bumper Installation - 2012 Ford F-150- Video

Putco Bar Style Bumper Installation - 2012 Ford F-150

Speaker 1: Today, on this 2012 Ford F150, we will be having a look at and showing you how to install the Putco Bar Style Bumper Insert, part number P86182.Here is what our grill insert looks like installed. As you see, it closes off the opening in our lower grill, giving our truck a much more finished and clean look. By closing off the lower grill opening, we offer more protection from road debris for our inner cooler for our EcoBoost engine. Even though it closes off our grill opening to help protect our inner cooler, the horizontal slats provided by our bar construction still allows adequate airflow to pass through for our inner cooler to function properly.The grill is constructed of a stainless material, which will resist rust over the lifetime of the vehicle. We have a mirror-like finish on it, which complements the factory grill on our Platinum Edition F150. Now, if your F150 is not a Platinum Edition such as this one and has a different color of factory grill, the mirrored finish on this grill will still complement yours nicely. more

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10/31/2017 4:52:12 PM