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GMC Hitch Adapters Installation And Review Videos


Yakima Hitch Adapters Review - 2011 GMC Yukon- Video

Yakima Hitch Adapters Review - 2011 GMC Yukon

Hi, everyone, it's Evangeline here at etrailer, and today we're looking at our Yakima EXO System here on our 2011 GMC Yukon. So the Yakima EXO System is a modular system where you mix and match different accessories. So you might be interested in it if let's say you have a roof rack but it's full with all of your other cargo and accessories, but you still wanna carry more. Or if you happen to not be able to carry a roof rack on your vehicle and you do not have one but you still wanna take full advantage of your hitch, you may be interested in the Yakima EXO System. So let's take a look at the way our EXO System works on our vehicle. So we have the SwingBase right now, and our accessory on top is the Yakima DoubleUp bike rack. more

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1/27/2022 10:39:32 PM

TorkLift SuperTruss Hitch Extensions Installation - 2013 GMC Sierra- Video

TorkLift SuperTruss Hitch Extensions Installation - 2013 GMC Sierra

Today on our 2013 GMC Sierra we're going to take a look at and show you how to install the torque lift line of the super truss hitch extensions for select super hitch trailer hitch receivers. These are available in 8 different sizes, any where from 21 inches up to 60. We're going to show you the 36 inch version. This is part number TLE1536. We're ready to hook up to our trailer, plug it in, connect our safety chains, and still have without weight distribution a 6,500 pound maximum trailer weight rating, a 650 pound ton weight rating, and if we step up into that weight distribution, we're then going to go to a 1,200 pound ton weight rating here at the rear and a 12,000 pound gross trailer weight rating. That's when used with the select super hitch magnum or original series trailer hitch receivers. Now if you're going to be looking at a shorter model, check those weight specifications. If you're looking at one of the longer models, check those weight specifications just to make sure we're staying within line there. The super truss is a perfect solution for extending our pin hole or our mounting location rearward to give us room for those bed-mounted campers and things such as that that tend to interfere. more

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7/7/2015 11:17:44 AM