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Vanleigh Brake Actuator Installation And Review Videos


Electric Over Hydraulic Disc Brake Installation- Video

Electric Over Hydraulic Disc Brake Installation

Hi there fifth wheel owners, today in your 2021 Vanleigh Beacon, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install HydroStar's Disc Brake Actuator. Along with this actuator, we're going to be using HydroStar's line kit here with flexible lines and hard lines to reach our actuator and Kodiak's disc brake conversion kit. Now, this is what our actuator looks like when it's installed and it can mount anywhere inside of our front compartment here and is recommended to be mounted inside to protect it from the elements. This is going to pressurize the fluid on our line set to the brakes at the back to apply our brakes. It does this when it receives a signal from its brake controller, the brake controller on your truck does need to have an option for an electric over hydraulic system in order to work properly with our actuator here. We have a lot of different brake controllers here at etrailer so you can pick the best one for your particular set up, depending on how many axles you have. more

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7/11/2021 2:02:31 PM