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Winnebago TPMS Sensor Installation And Review Videos


TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System for RVs Installation - 2016 Winnebago Vista Motorhome- Video

TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System for RVs Installation - 2016 Winnebago Vista Motorhome

Rob: Hey everybody, Rob here Today we're going to be taking a look at the TST TPMS system with color display monitor on our 2016 Winnebago Vista. Now our TST is going to allow us to monitor all the tire pressures and temperatures of our tires, not only on our Winnebago but also if we're pulling a trailer or a towed vehicle behind us, that when we're driving down the road, if our tires get too hot or if the pressure drops too low, we can already know and to prevent having a blowout or running down on our tire when it's really low, causing a lot of damage.And the monitor has a wide screen display and it's going to allow us to see all of our tire pressures and temperatures but it's also going to give us an audible alert if we have an extreme temperature or tire pressure change, case there's a really fast leak going on and potentially a tire blowout, it's going to let us know because it's going to be monitoring the tire pressure every five seconds.And the way the monitor is going to receive all the tire pressure and temperatures is from these sensors that are actually going to mount right onto the valve stem. It replaces the valve stem cap and again, it's going to send a wireless signal to the monitor so we're not going to have to worry about having any wires or anything else and as you can see, the monitor is wireless as well, it has a built-in battery, so we don't have to have it plugged in constantly either.Now the sensors are going to screw directly onto the valve stem and the inner-piece that threads on, is a brass construction so it's going to work with rubber, steel and brass valve stems and pretty much just about any of the ones that are out there and we're not going to have to worry about corrosion or anything like that building up.Now our kit is going to include the monitor and six sensors so we can monitor all the tires that are on our Winnebago. There are additional sensors available, that way you can monitor up to 38 tires at one time.And it's really nice to be able to monitor the pressure and temperature of your tires because let's face it, a lot of new cars have TPMS sensors built-in and why not have them on your motor homes and make sure you're not going to be damaging the tires or running them too low or potentially the pressure's too high and if you're telling a vehicle or a trailer behind you, if that vehicle has TPMS on it, that's nice, but we can't use it if we're not driving it so this is going to allow us to monitor those tires, even when we're not driving the vehicle just to make sure that the tires don't get too hot and again the pressure doesn't get too low.Here you can see the monitor and we actually have a few different options of how we can lay it out. The front right here is showing our motor home, so we have our two front tires and our dual rear tires and this back here is going to be our towed vehicle, so it's separated. more

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8/19/2020 2:02:10 PM