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Ford Edge Backup Camera Installation And Review Videos


Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera Installation - 2013 Ford Edge- Video

Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera Installation - 2013 Ford Edge

Rob: Rob here at, and today you're going to be taking a look at the Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera and Hitch Aligner on our 2013 Ford Edge.A lot of new cars come factory with backup cameras already installed. It's really nice. It's a convenient thing, and it's a safety thing. We don't have to worry about having an extra set of hands to help us hook up to our trailer, back into a parking spot, or anything like that, but also, make sure everyone around us is being safe. We're backing out of our driveway, make sure there's nobody else or any objects around. But it can be kind of expensive to put in a factory backup camera in an older car.But that's where our Hopkins Smart Hitch and Backup Camera is going to be a really cost-effective way to get your older car to have the convenience and safety of a newer one. more

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6/6/2019 1:48:33 PM