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GMC Envoy Backup Camera Installation And Review Videos


Peak Wireless Backup Camera Installation - 2006 GMC Envoy- Video

Peak Wireless Backup Camera Installation - 2006 GMC Envoy

Today on our 2006 GMC Envoy we'll be installing the Peak Performance Rearview Mirror Backup Camera System, part number pkc0rg. The first step of our install would be to take the backup camera and bracket and install it underneath the license plate. To do this we'll remove the two fasteners. To remove the license plate put the camera in position and reinstall the license plate with the two fasteners.Next we'll need to route the wire inside. To do this we'll go ahead and open up the rear cargo door and start removing the interior trim panels. There'll be two just on the rear cargo door to start. more

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5/23/2013 5:46:33 PM