MagnaFlow Rockcrawler Cat-Bat Exhaust System Manufacturer Review - Jeep Wrangler

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Manufacturer Review of the MagnaFlow Rockcrawler Cat-Back Exhaust System on a Jeep Wrangler

Thanks for your time today. This is Richard of MagnaFlow and today were going to be installing one of our jeep exhaust systems. We have a variety of different systems out there. Were going to be putting one of our high clearance Jeep Rockcrawler Systems on. Take a closer look. The first step of an installation is installing the inlet pipe.

What well do is well go ahead and use one of our band clamps, slide that over the factory Y pipe and then slide over the new inlet pipe reusing the factory hangout location. Following the instruction sheet were installing from the front to the back. The next part in this system is the muffler. The muffler in this one is actually in a different stock position. We relocated the factory muffler position from the back of the car to increase ground clearance to here in the center.

Make sure you put your clamp on first and then slide in your muffler. With the inlet pipe in the muffler and the next step of course is to put it in over the axle. Take note that were reusing all of the factory hangers. This makes it easier for installation and of course keeps the vibration and noise down inside the cabinet. The last step in this particular installation of course is the tailpipe.

You want to make sure to reinstall it inaudible 0:01:21 and the rear bumper. With the entire exhaust system loosely installed were going to now go back to make sure all the proper adjustments and alignments are made for clearances and tighten from front to back. Tightening the system from front to back is critical in making sure everything stays aligned. If youre working your way from back to front, youll find by the time you get to the front again the back might be misaligned. One of the unique features of the Jeep Rockcrawler System is the fact that their muffler has been relocated.

As you can see, it use to fit here and it hangs underneath the bumper. Weve now taken all of that mass away from the back, added extra clearance. As you could see we still clear the sway bar, the rear end differential and tucked the tip all the way up into the side of the bumper. Again, one of the benefits of the Rockcrawler System is greater exit angle of departure. With that we relocated the tailpipe into the chassis which means of course you expose the bumper to a little bit more heat. This will mean that youll have to replace the factory plastic bumper with an aftermarket metal one. Thats the basic procedure for the installation of one of our jeep systems. Final tip thats critical, make sure youve got your clearances, but as you can see you can you can use hand tools, a lift and/or a few jacks stands gets you through the entire procedure.

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