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  1. Trailer Breakaway Kit
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  3. Kit with Charger
  4. Battery Included
  5. 5 Amp-Hour
  6. .5 Amp Charger
Bright Way Push-to-Test ICU Trailer Breakaway Kit with 0.5-Amp Charger and 5 Ah Battery - Side Load

Bright Way Push-to-Test ICU Trailer Breakaway Kit with 0.5-Amp Charger and 5 Ah Battery - Side Load

Item # BW94FR
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Trailer Breakaway Kit
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Incident Crisis Unit signals your trailer's lights to flash when the breakaway cable detaches from the switch. This complete kit brings your trailer to a safe stop by activating the brakes if the trailer completely separates from the tow vehicle. Lowest Prices for the best trailer breakaway kit from Bright Way. Bright Way Push-to-Test ICU Trailer Breakaway Kit with 0.5-Amp Charger and 5 Ah Battery - Side Load part number BW94FR can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Bright Way Trailer Breakaway Kit - BW94FR

  • Kit with Charger
  • Battery Included
  • Bright Way
  • 5 Amp-Hour
  • .5 Amp Charger

Incident Crisis Unit signals your trailer's lights to flash when the breakaway cable detaches from the switch. This complete kit brings your trailer to a safe stop by activating the brakes if the trailer completely separates from the tow vehicle.


  • Breakaway system activates your trailer's electric brakes if the trailer disconnects from the tow vehicle
    • Brakes receive signal to activate when cable detaches from switch
  • ICU system causes trailer lights to flash to alert other motorists in the case of a disconnect
  • Built-in charger automatically charges battery while connected to tow vehicle
  • Push-to-test button lets you check the battery's state of charge
    • LED lights indicate current battery status
      • Green = fully charged
      • Yellow = charging
      • Red = recharge needed
  • Side-loading case is easy to access from the side
  • Durable, plastic case protects the battery from the elements
    • Rubber O-ring seal keeps out moisture
  • 12-Volt, sealed lead-acid battery is rechargeable
  • Wire loom neatly contains and protects wires
  • Switch and battery box install on trailer frame - drilling required
    • Hardware not included
  • Convenient wiring diagram is printed on box
  • Kit includes breakaway switch, 1-amp charger, 5-amp-hour battery, battery box, wiring, and wire loom


  • Application: single-axle or tandem-axle trailers with electric braking systems
  • Breakaway cable length: 4'
  • Charger amperage: 0.5 amps
  • Battery:
    • Capacity: 5 amp-hours
    • Voltage: 12V
  • Battery box dimensions: 3-3/4" long x 6" wide x 5" tall
  • 1-Year limited warranty

Note: A breakaway system is required by law in most states for trailers that are equipped with electric brakes and have a GTW of at least 3,000 lbs.

Superior Safety for Trailer Breakaway

Bright Way Group's patented ICU provides an additional level of protection if your trailer disconnects from your vehicle while towing by signaling the trailer lights to flash. This way, other motorists will be alerted of the upcoming hazard of your disconnected trailer.

2326 Bright Way Group (BWG) Trailer Break Away Incident Crisis Unit System with 12V 5Ah Battery, Charger, and Wire Loom with Drain Holes

California residents: click here

Video of Bright Way Push-to-Test ICU Trailer Breakaway Kit with 0.5-Amp Charger and 5 Ah Battery - Side Load

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Bright Way Trailer Breakaway ICU Kit Installation

Ryan: How's it going Ryan here at Today we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Bright Way breakaway switch kit with ICU.Now, what the breakaway switch is going to do, say in the event of a disconnect, and your trailer becomes separated from your vehicle, this pen is going to get pulled and that's actually going to apply the brakes on the trailer, bringing it to a stop. Now that is really convenient because it is required to have in most states.So, with this kit, not only can you be more safe, but illegal. Now there's going to be a couple of things that really separate this kit from many of the others. And one of them is going to be the fact that it has ICU. So what that means, let's say you're going down the road and you have a catastrophic disconnect, or let's just say if your 7-way plug is loose and just comes disconnected from the truck, what's going to happen is all of the lights on your trailer are going to light up and flash.

And that's going to let other motorists know to approach with caution.So just to give you an example, our charger here is going to simulate your vehicle. Right now our 7-way is completely plugged in so everything is okay. But if we we're to disconnect this, our alarm is going to flash on the box and all the lights on the trailer are going to be doing the same thing.Now those lights are going to keep flashing until you pull over, come up to the box here, push the alarm button, turn it off, and then you can go ahead and plug it back into your vehicle.Another thing that really separates this one from many of the others is that it's actually going to have a built-in battery charger for the battery inside of our box here. And it's also going to have some indicators that will let us know what's going on. So whenever we plug into our vehicle and send power back here, if the battery needs to be charged, the charging light is going to illuminate.

That's going to help us keep an eye on things. Or for example, say if we turn our power off, we backup to our trailer, we're just curious on what's going on, we can hit this test button and that's going to let us know where our battery life is.Now, this is going to be a great option for those single and double axle trailers because it's going to put out a minimum of 12 and a half volts. And that's going to keep you DOT compliant. For anything bigger than that, like triple axle trailers or anything that requires a little more power, there's other options available that, in my opinion, work a little bit better. And you can find those here at, I did find a couple of things that I want to point out and for you to keep in mind whenever you're setting this up.

Now, whenever you're running the power that comes into the box here that's designed to charge the battery inside, you want to make sure to isolate that just from the power coming from our truck 7-way. There's a couple of reasons for that. There's a regulator inside of here that's designed to only work with that truck power. Now, if you we're to hook it to an alternative power source, say you have an additional battery here on the front of your trailer that you run some other accessories off of. If you hooked power to that, what would happen is this would more or less constantly charge at a rate that it's not designed to handle and damage could occur.

So it's something you really want to pay attention to when you're hooking all this up. And a quick way to tell if you did accidentally hook it up to an alternative power source is that even when we are disconnected from our truck, the charging light would always be on.And the other thing I want to mention is that you do not want to pull out your breakaway switch whenever you have your 7-way connected to the truck. Now, that can happen because some people just have everything hooked up, they want to test the breakaway switch. But what happens is the breakaway switch, whenever it's pulled, it's going to send power everywhere, and some of that power can actually back-feed up into your truck and potentially damage your brake controller inside.And we've also found that some people actually pull their breakaway switch pen, say whenever they're parking their trailer for a period of time, almost as a security measure, since when this is pulled it does lock those brakes up. Now, it is a clever thought, but whenever we pull that out for that amount of time, those brakes aren't designed to be applied for that long and you'll end up damaging them. So, more or less, apart from pulling this out briefly to test it after it's installed, this should never be removed unless you accidentally disconnect.But other than that, it's going to be really well-built. It feels like it will last a long time. It's going to be really easy to use with all of our indicators and buttons here, and this is something you're not going to have to put a whole lot of thought into. Now, some people can feel a little intimidated by wiring, and that is understandable, but with this there is only a handful of wires and it is relatively straightforward. It shouldn't take you a whole lot of time to hook up yourself. Speaking of which, let's go ahead and wire it up together now.To begin your installation, you're first going to want to identify which wire does what, because not all trailers are going to be wired up the same. So you're going to want to hook your 7-way into your truck or your tester, run through all the functions, test your wiring, and write all those down on a pad of paper.Once you've figured out what does what, then we can go ahead and mount our breakaway switch, that way we can start running our wires. Now this has secured the frame of our trailer using a self-tapping screw. The blue wire from the breakaway switch we're going to leave on the outside of the trailer because we're going to be mounting our main box on the outside. However, our junction box we mounted down here along the bottom side of our trailer frame, so I'm going to take our black wire and run this through this opening, that way we can get it all connected.So the black wire coming from our breakaway switch is going to get connected to our trailer brake wire, which in our case happens to be this post right here. So what I'm going to do is strip back a little more of this insulation on our wiring and then I'm going to put on a ring terminal. Going to double that over. We have our ring terminal, slide that over, and get it crimped down.So then what we can do is take off our nut here that's holding down to the post. I'm going to feed that wiring into our junction box, connect our ring terminal. And we'll just go ahead and re-secure it.Now what I went ahead and did is grabbed our box and crimped on ring terminal to all the wires other than the blue one, which will get connected to our breakaway switch. Now keep in mind it's not really about the colors of each wire, but more about the functionality of them.We're going to hook up our three wires here to the appropriate post and our junction box. We're going to have a ground, a battery charge line or a truck power, and a marker light wire. So I'll hook these up the same way that we did the other one by just taking our nuts off, putting the ring terminal over the post, and tightening everything back down.Now, since we're done hooking up everything in our junction box, I went ahead and just put the cover on it and secured it down to our trailer. Now before we mount our actual box here, what we're going to do is connect the two wires coming out of it, one from the box, one from the breakaway switch, and connect those two together. And to do that, I'm going to use a heat-shrink butt connector. Just slide that over one end, crimp it down. The other end of the wire goes into the other side. Crimp it down. Then I'm going to take a heat source, put some heat on it to seal up the heat shrink here on the ends. And this is what it's going to look like once we have our heat shrink all sealed up.All right, now you would want to mount your box. Now, what we're doing is mounting it to our aluminum toolbox that we have here on the front of the trailer, that way it's easy to get to. So I'm just going to make a small pilot hole, get everything lined up, and then secure it using some nuts and bolts.So now we want to test everything out and make sure it's working properly. So before we plug our 7-way into our truck, we're going to test our breakaway switch. So I'm going to spin our wheel and have a friend up front pull that switch to make sure our wheel stops. Alrighty. It stopped on a dime and we know our switch is working properly.Now we can test our ICU function. And to do that you can either plug it into your truck or, like we are today, into a tester. Now the ICU function is going to work whenever we're sending power back through our box and our 7-way plug becomes disconnected.So I go ahead and pull our 7-way plug out. Our alarm should flash here as well as all of our lights on our trailer. And that'll finish up our look at and our installation of the Bright Way breakaway switch kit with ICU.

Customer Reviews

Bright Way Push-to-Test ICU Trailer Breakaway Kit with 0.5-Amp Charger and 5 Ah Battery - Side Load - BW94FR

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (7 Customer Reviews)

Incident Crisis Unit signals your trailer's lights to flash when the breakaway cable detaches from the switch. This complete kit brings your trailer to a safe stop by activating the brakes if the trailer completely separates from the tow vehicle.


This unit works great! Once I reviewed the wiring diagram carefully and recognized that wire colors did not control how to hook things up, and that you had to make sure of the wire functions on the plug side, hookup was a snap. However, this kit has the ICU unit which is supposed to cause trailer lights to flash in event of disconnect, but the wiring diagram does not have any diagram for the extra wire which controls the ICU. In addition, no wiring diagram on the etrailer site shows what to do with that wire. I hooked it up to the marker lights of the trailer, but when I test the unit, no lights flash. I suggest etrailer add instructions for this connection on its site.


Works great and the price was super awesome for what you get.


Works as it's supposed to. Hope ne er need it for feal.


Great Product





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  • Wiring Diagrams for Installing Bright Way Trailer Breakaway ICU Kit # BW94FR
    The lid of the Bright Way Trailer Breakaway ICU Kit with 12V, 5-Amp-Hour Battery, Charger, and Wire Loom # BW94FR that you referenced has a wiring diagram shown that details how it wires. Not seen is there is a single wire that runs up to running light circuit for the alarm. This a standard style of breakaway kit that would install like any other similar option. I also attached a second picture that shows a more detailed wiring diagram plus a review video for the kit and a link to a help...
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    Image 1 for Image 2 for
  • Installation Location for the Bright Way Push to Test Breakaway Kit
    Yes, you can bolt the Bright Way Push-to-Test ICU Trailer Breakaway Kit item # BW94FR to a flat surface to install it. I have attached an installation video to walk you through the process.
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  • Wiring Connections For Bright Way Push-to-Test ICU Trailer Breakaway Kit # BW94FR
    I have added an image below for the Bright Way Push-to-Test ICU Trailer Breakaway Kit # BW94FR as well as an installation video that is also very helpful. Here is where all the wires will connect from both the battery box and the breakaway switch. Battery Box White- Ground Wire(white) Red- 12 Volt Charge Line(red or black wire) Blue- Breakaway Blue Wire Black- Running Lights(brown wire) Breakaway Blue- Battery Box Blue Wire Black- Trailer Brake Wire(blue or black wire) Four of the...
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