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Optronics LED Combination Trailer Tail Light Kit Review

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Review of the Optronics LED Combination Trailer Tail Light Kit

Today we're going to be taking a look at, and showing you how to install Optronics LED combination taillight kit for trailers under 80" wide. These are what our lights are going to look like installed. As you can see, the LEDs are really bright, and do put off quite a bit of light. Now these are going to give us our basic lighting functions like our taillights, our brake lights, and our turn signals.One of the cool things about this kit is that the actual left taillight also serves as a license plate light. This way we stay illuminated and legal. Here on the back of the taillight, we can see it's nice and flat, which will make it easy to mount.

There's going to be plenty of wire to work with. There's also going to be a slot cut down. That way our wires can sit nice and flat against the taillight. There's also going to be some lettering, which will tell you what each wire is used for.As you can see, even in these bright lights, these LEDs really shine. The driver side light is going to utilize 14 LED diodes.

To help you decide if this will work with your applications, I'll give you a few measurements. Now from the edge of the light to the edge of the light, that measures 5-1/16" wide. From the top of the light to the bottom of the light, that'll measure 4-9/16". As far as the thickness or the depth of the light, that'll measure 2-5/8".On the side of the taillight, we also have a built-in clearance light. That's going to be a single bulb that will illuminate.

The plastic itself is reflective. The passenger side light, since it does not have a license plate light, will utilize 11 LED diodes. One of my favorite things about this kit is that these lights are going to make for great replacements, or even upgrades from your traditional style incandescent light. You're not going to have to worry about any brittle filaments breaking, or even having to change bulbs. The LEDs are going to last a whole lot longer, and be a whole lot brighter, all while using less power at the same time.

It's also going to incorporate our license plate bracket, which will make life a little easier there as well too.I'm going to show you how to install the rear taillight and license plate bracket. Now keep in mind, each application is going to be a little bit different, but this is how we're going to do ours. First thing we're going to do is remove the hardware off the back of the lamp. We're then going to take our bracket for our license plate and put it on over the studs. Then we can push that into the slots, and loosely install one side of the hardware.Now with one side loosely installed, we're going to ground our white wire. This is the ground wire with a ring terminal on it. So we're actually just going to ground it to the taillight stud. But first we're going to put on our flat washer, then our ring terminal, the our lock washer. Now we can take a 10-mm and tighten them down.The kit does come with a whole new wiring harness. I'll show you how I routed mine. As you can see, it starts with the 4-pole. Now I did need extra wire for the ground wire, which was a white one here. So what I did was is picked up some white wire off, as well as a heat shrink butt connector. Connected the two ends together, and then I grounded it to the front of the trailer by using a ring terminal. I drilled a hole and used the bolt to go through that ring terminal, to make a nice tight connection.Now the yellow and brown wire will run along the right side of the trailer, if you're looking at the front of it. The green and brown wire will run along the left side of the trailer. Now every application will be a little bit different, depending on how your trailer is setup. Ours actually had metal tubing already in place to run our wires through, all the way to the back if the light. Now if you have to run new wires, just be sure to avoid any sharp edges, moving parts. Just make sure they're nice and tight and not dangling, to avoid hitting anything on the round.All right, so now we can connect our wires coming from our light, to the wires from our trailer. Now the kit does come with quick splice connectors. However, since this will be outside, I personally like to use heat shrink butt connectors. If you need some of these, you can find them on So we'll go ahead and slide that over the wire, crimp it down. Do the same thing for the yellow wire. Now we'll connect the corresponding colors to the wires coming from the trailer.With them crimped down, we can then take a heat source and heat up the heat shrink. With everything connected, we can go ahead and push our wires back into the tubing to keep everything nice and safe. Now if you have another light to do on the other side, with the exception of our license plate bracket, you would just repeat that same process.With all of our wiring and lights hook up, we can now put power to them, and test them out. Here we have our taillight, our left turn, our right turn, and finally our brake light. That will do it for our look at and installation of Optronics LED combination taillight kit for trailers under 80" wide.

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